Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, September 15, 2014

Drumroll Please!

After weeks of anticipation and a whole lot of guesses up on our world map by friends and family, the big white envelope postmarked Salt Lake City finally arrived in our mailbox!  It was so exciting!  Whatever was written inside that envelope would change his life forever, and the place he would be sent would become a permanent part of his identity.

We couldn't wait for him to open it!  The suspense was killing us all!

But wait we did, until that evening when the family could get together, of course.

Drumroll please!

In  case you missed that, he said he was going to the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission. (No, he didn't know how to pronounce it, but he will soon enough!)

Wow!  So exciting!  I think the twins were as excited as Alex was.

That boy never shows much excitement, but he sure did tonight!  You could tell by the huge grin that never left his face the whole evening.

I was happy too!  Really happy.  I had been praying that Alex would go somewhere Spanish speaking, but not too dangerous or scary.  I know he plans to work for his dad one day, and knowing Spanish is essential for that.  But I also realized that he would have a heck of a time trying to learn it on his own.  Dennis went to Mexico on his mission too, and that ability to speak Spanish has been such a blessing to our family every day since! When Alex got this call and I heard "Mexico," I heard the spirit whisper "This is right."  And it is.  I know without a doubt that his call to this place is from the Lord!

Luckily we all knew where Mexico is, but Tuxtla Gutierrez?  We never heard of it!  Luckily, the packet included a map.  There it is, right by the Guatamala border.  Wow!

Finding more information on the mission blog.

It is in the state of Chiapas, where the Mayan ruins are - a state know mostly for its beauty and delicious food.  Nice.  And hey look, Alex is excited to learn that they eat iguana tacos there!

That face says it all!  This is going to be my home!

Oh, by the way, did we mention that it was also the twins' 15th birthday.  With all the excitement, they didn't seem to mind sharing the limelight on their big day.  Happy Birthday twiners!

Here it is on the map.

Congrats to the several winners that guessed Mexico correctly.  To each Alex gave a home baked plate of his famous cookies - lucky ducks!

Viva la Mexico!

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