Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Hola family y friends.

 This week was a great week here. First of all, we had our zone Christmas party. It was so much fun. There was a funny play about Christmas, a nice duet by the mission president y his wife, y food. Then we went to the temple for a session. It was so nice. They had the words in English but when they were saying the prayer the guy said “President Hinckley” everybody was shocked. But the session was good after all.

Then on Friday we had our ward Christmas party. It was bad. First, nobody sang the himno y the president invinted a band to play loud Mexican music. There was nothing about Christmas y no spirit. But it was still fun. Well during the party, a member who is a doctor told us Angel’s 6 month old brother is having heart troubles. So she asked if we could give him a blessing tomorrow. We said sure. The blessing was so sweet. The spirit was strong. We gave Angel’s mom a BOM to read. Please pray for Vital - that is his name. They just moved him to Tuxtla.

Well on Saturday we had Hermana Espinoza who wants to be called Olga. Her son, Leyber baptized her y Garcia baptized him 2 months ago. It was a great baptism.

Well last night all the missionaries in the zone went to a nearby town y we sang Christmas himnos y Hermana Cook played the violin. We did a lot of contacting. Everybody enjoyed it.

So that was my week. I love the people here. They tell me not to worry about Spanish- you have two years. Well I’m understanding a ton now when people talk to me y I have been losing a lot of weight. Love you all y miss you a ton thanks for the prayers y the support. Feliz Navidad everybody!!!!!!!!!!

I just made a skype account‬.  I will skype you on the 25th.

I got the stuff from desert book . Thanks for it, but I already have the music CD. Thanks anyways. I only have that one but any church music is fine, like the music they gave us EFY. Everybody here is using DHL for delivery, so try it.  The Church even uses DHL.

Hey Nate, I can’t wait to talk to you on 25. How is it going preparing for your mission? Sounds like you guys are busy but fun. Tell Dylan I hope he feels better.

The photos are of the town, baptisms, what I eat y photos of our zone part y us singing.

I got to go. Bye.  Love you all.  Keep up the good work.  Can’t wait to talk to you guys face to face for a hour  on the 25th!  The emails are too slow. Give everybody my love. Thanks for all the support. Adios!!!!!

Thanks Mom.  Love you too.  Tell everybody thanks for the money y the support y the prayers. Tell all the boys I love them y tell Dad thanks for the support y for paying for my mission.  Thanks Mom to for everything. Love you a ton. Can’t wait to talk to you on the 25th. Adios!! y Merry Christmas to all y to all a good night.
The Himnos I gave to Angel

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Christmas caroling with my zone.  Hermana Cook is playing the violin.

Monday, December 15, 2014

First Baptism!

Here is Carlos, a 9 year old boy, the hermanas’ investigator. 

So this week was great.  Sorry for being late.  We had to go to Tuxtla yesterday for a meeting.  It was too late to go back to our house. So we sleep at the zone leader y in the morning went to the church to print names off for the temple. Because tomorrow is the Christmas party with my zone, so we are all doing a session together with the president then a party. That will be fun.

No baptism of Esperanza because she didn’t feel ready. But she told us yesterday she wants to be baptized this Saturday at 5. We were so happy.

This weekend was the best weekend on my mission this far because, well, on Saturaday we went with Layber to the temple to do baptisms, (he was the first person Garcia baptized a month ago) but there was too many people so we did confirmations for 2 hours y a half.  I was tired because I had to lift my hands after amen. But it was good. Well, we got back to our house y Garcia told me I am going to do the baptism in an hour, so I was nervous y I had to memorize the prayer. I did a good job.  It took me 3 times because I was saying the words wrong. But I felt so good afterwards!  His name was Carlos, a 9 year old boy the sisters had been teaching.  On Sunday was the primary presentation about eternal families.  It was so good. Well Ricardo no baptizmo because too many problems y we are having a hard time finding people to teach this week because it was a catholic holiday all week. That was our week. Love you all y thanks for the prayers. Miss you a ton.

I’m feeling a little better. I love it here.  I feel like I’m part of things here. Some people have Christmas lights up that is pretty much all the Christmas I see. It takes 6 weeks or more to get a package. Sorry about Uncle Larry.  Wow. Francisco is going to be a Mormon before you know it.

Please pray for Ricardo and Andre, Tono, Angel, Omero, and  Alexandra.

I cant wait to skype you guys next week!
Thanks mom for every thing.  I love you!
Bye. Love you all y miss y a ton.

This is us at the member’s home above us. We had pig. The member is the one on the corner next to the two girls.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Long Sleeves y a Choco Birthday Banana

Angel y his cousins after a lesson

Hola family y friends. 

 This week was all right once again because everybody is sick, including me. I have a bad cough y a running nose. To make it worse, now we need to wear long sleeve shirts y put on repellent every 3 hours, because people are getting sick from the mosquitoes. I hate long sleeve shirts y I only have two. Well we had zone conference on Wednesday. I got no dear elders or a package. But I did get my awesome cases for my scriptures. Thanks family. 
Bible cover
Bible cover
Book of Mormon cover
Book of Mormon cover
Inside my cases

Conference was about Christmas y we watched the new Christmas video from the church. The cool thing was at the MTC my last week they showed it to us. It wasn’t finished, but they told us not to tell anybody until it came out. They gave us a copy to show it to the people we teach or who has a DVD player that is. My B-Day was the same like any other day, besides Garcia bought me a chocolate banana y the people we visited said happy B-day.

Me y my choco banana 

 So we got word we can baptize Hermana Guadalupe’s sons, Andre who is 12 y his brother Tono who is 9. That means the next 3 weeks we have baptisms. First, Espinoza this week,  then the boys on the 20th, then Angel on the 27th. We are so happy for all the baptisms. The devotional was so great I didn’t understand a lot but the spirit was strong. Yesterday at church I was part of two baby blessings. That was pretty cool. I encourage everybody to watch the new video.

Thanks for all my birthday wishes y prayers. I miss all of you a ton y love all of you.

People have Christmas lights up here.  On Christmas I am going to skype you at are members home!  I’m better at reading in spanish I love you guys so much! I’m glad you guys are doing good.  Love you all.  Say hi to everyone. I wont spend money because I have none.  It is hard to keep track of the money here.  Sorry. But thanks for everything. Thanks for the prayers y everything else. Love you  and miss you a ton. Adios
A warm purple drink.  It was good but we didn’t know what it was.

Monday, December 1, 2014

All is "Well"

Angel's well
‪Hola family y friends. It was a great week here in Ocozocoautla besides one thing. That one thing is Guadalupe y her two sons can’t be baptized until 3 more months because she is in a middle of a divorce. But the good thing is me y my new companion can baptize them because Garcia will be gone in 3 months. Now with some good news Hermana Espinoza committed to baptism the 13th of December. But wait it gets better. She prayed to know if the church y the BOM is true y she got a answer of warmth y peace. That made us so happy.  On Thursday we went to Tuxtla to finish my visa. Now I’m offically living here. I also saw Hermana Cook from my district from the MTC. We talked for a bit y took a photo. It was so nice to see her and talk to her again.

This is Angel, a 9 year old investigator
 On Friday we helped Angel’s family get water out of their well.  It was so much fun. Then on Friday night we had an activity at church where the different organizations talked about their organization for 10 min. We, the missionaries, had a class y I talked about how God will help me with the language. Then we watched a video about preaching the gospel, then gave them materials to pass out. It was great. We had 4 of our investigators there.  We were so happy. It was a great week. I’m doing fine here. 3 more days until my birthday, I cant wait! Love you all y miss you a ton. Thanks for all the prayers y support.‬

Can I get a Spanish Himnos to give Angel for Christmas?  I let him borrow mine every Sunday.

‪The food is not the same as the Mexican food we have at home and its not spicy. We eat a lot of spaghetti, chicken, and rice.‬
 Our house is warm but the weather is frio because of the wind.  But I’m not cold, but everybody else is.

We have no Walmart here but only go shopping at Sam’s club once a month. We are going to Sam’s right now for a birthday luch. Pizza! I will send pictures.  No plans for my birthday, though. Just the same old, same old day.

There is my report of my week love you all thanks for my birthday wishes y prayers y support. ‬Bye. Love you a ton. I’m leaving right now. Thanks for everything mom y dad. love you so much y miss you a ton!

Thanks mom y dad for everything I love you a ton. Thanks a lot. I pray for you guys all the time.


This was a meal we had. It was a lot. We ate so much we were about to puke.

Guess who I found finishing my visas on Thursday? Hermana Cook from our district from the MTC!!!!!

  the night sky