Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, November 3, 2014

Todas en Español

Alex' long-awaited first weekly email from his mission was in Spanish! He really knows how to mess with his mom, but I think it is really great anyway. Here is the original.  Maybe you can translate it better than I can. 

Hola mi familia y amigos y amigas. Yo de Ocozoautla arriba de su montaña. Ocozoautla es muy hermoso. Mi compañero es Elder Garcia donde mexico. Nosotros vivir en a miembro primero suelo. Nosotros tengo a cocina y baño con a ducha es muy frioy dormitorio y oficina para estudio y sala en su casa. Yo nunca tener enfermo pero yo tener ampolla sobre mi pie. El tiempo aqui is muy frio. yo caminar diez millas a diao mas. nosotros comer desayuno en su casa y comida en miembros casa todo dia. nosotros tener dos bautismos ultimo semana. Elder Garcia bautismo Leyber y kenia aochoaños. yo estanciapara siesmes para trasladar. El personas aqui no entender  mi español pero el personas es muy feliz yo intentar. Nosotros caminaro taxi depender en tiempo. Los miembros dar de comer a nosotros pollo y limonada y alubia y tortillas. Los missioneros decir empezar para area por que y los miembros dar de comer y nosotros tener correr agua. Yo muy bien en Ocozocautla. No mas hablar en English todas los en español.

My attempt at translation using Dennis and an online translator: Hello my family and friends. I am in Ocozocoautla up in the mountains.  Ocozocoautla is very beautiful.  My companion is Elder Garcia from Mexico.  We live in a member’s first floor.  We have a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. It is very cold in the bedroom and an office for studying and room in the house. I never get sick but I have a blister on my foot. The weather here is very cold. I walk ten miles a day or more. We eat breakfast at home and food at members’ homes all day. We have two baptisms last week. Elder Garcia baptized Leyber and Kenia (?). (No idea what that next sentence says.) The people here do not understand my Spanish but the people are very happy I try.  We use (?) a taxi depending on time. The members feed us chicken, lemonade, beans, and tortillas.  The missionaries say they like to start in this area because the members feed them and they have running water. I am very well in Ocozocoautla. No more talking in English, all in Spanish.

Luckily, a few more of his emails were in English:

My P-day is Monday. Can you give a copy of the email to joy? Thanks.

I am muy bien. We are staying by ourselves its a small ward. After someone says “amen” everybody says “amen” outloud. It’s pretty funny but I love it. We have a couple more baptisms coming.

I wont be getting your package until next week at zone conference.

Happy Halloween! We took a taxi that night on Halloween and the driver was drunk. He was driving on both sides of the street. No idea what he is saying but he was talking about how stupid gringos are.

Thanks for the prayers!

 I got a fungus on my feet from not having enough dry socks. Now my shoes and feet smell.  I have athlete’s foot medication.  They won’t let me take tylenol or any medicine before I call the president. My companion is the district leader.

My release date is august 29, 2016.

Hey did dad connect my card to pasos so I can use it?

Say hi to everyone for me and tell tem I love them and miss them I only have a couple more minutes so I am sending more pics. But I’m doing fine I am glad I am not getting homesick. The people here are awesome! They don’t understand me but I understand them.  I just can’t speak the language. But I’m great. Nice weather. A lot of walking means I’ll loose weight.

Adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all! Say hi to everyone. Tell everyone I’m fine and thanks for the prayers. I’m praying for all of you. Can’t wait to email next week.

Adios! love you all! Adios! 

My companion

Chickens and people playing soccer

Me by the church

This is pozol es cacao y maiz. es muy bien. 
(Pozol is cocoa and corn.  It is very good.) We get it a lot here.

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