Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I Love Seeing Miracles Here in Tapana

Elder Hernandez. I was in divisions with him.

Well on Tuesday I stayed here with Elder Hernandez, an elder from my district, y my companion went to Zapata with Elder Vera. It was great. I really learned a lot from Elder Hernandez y he really is happy I’m his district leader. We saw a huge snake on the street y Elder Hernandez almost stepped on it.
 Yes, it is a snake, but it didn’t have a rattle

Well on Tuesday from 8 in the morning until 7 at night, the Relief Society was making mango applesauce y candy of mango. Well we got there at 7 y helped them stir the big pots to cool it down y then we took a lot home. It is so good.

Mango applesauce y mango candy. It was an acitvity of the rama because the mango season finished. It was a way to celebrate.

Well we taught Maria about the Plan of Happiness y the gospel of Chirst y she is so good she read the pamplets y prays. We are so happy for her progress. Guess what she went to church on Sunday, so now she just needs to go to church 4 more times y can get baptized on 17 of July.

Well we taught investigator Raul y his less active wife, y taught lesson 1. The problem with them they have problems as couple so we are trying to help them out. Well we as well the Relief Society of our branch, visited brother Abraham because he is the only member, so they taught his wife about family y then later on we taught about the day of rest, y guess what? She was there yesterday at church. I love seeing the miracles here in Tapana y the mission.

Well some sad news, Elder Canales is leaving to Tapachula tomorrow, his second area in the mission. My new comp will finish in this tranfer y his name is Elder Thomson from Utah. But I’m still leader of district y older companion. Because he will be finishing his mission this transfer, he will work really hard, so we can see a lot of good things here in Tapana.

Well on Saturday we went to the temple y our branch president went in for his first time y afterwards y says he feels like a new person. We are so happy for him. It will help the branch grow a lot. Well love you all thanks for all the love y prayers.

Love Alex or Elder VanBuskirk. ADIOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mom. I’m on. Love you.
What? Why are you at the airport?  I thought you were leaving on Saturday? Why were you late? Next time eat more early!

How is the family? Tell them I said hi y I love all of them.
That is great the boys are happy to be done with school.
I bet they were having fun at their party.

Hey Elder Canales is leaving tomorrow to Tapachula.
My comp is named Elder Thomson. He is from Utah y he finishes his mission this tranfer. Elder Canales has been out 4 months y Elder Thompson 22 months.
Guess who is the senior comp? Yes, me. Y leader of district.
So I will have one more companion. Elder Canales is sad he is leaving it is his first time being transferred. I love Thompson. Yes he is a hard worker. It will help here a lot.

Thanks, I need to go. Have a good flight. Be safe. Give all my love y I’m sending the big letter now.

Don’t be late this time!
That’s is what I do, make you laugh.

Bye. Love you. Love you xoxoxo

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