Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, July 11, 2016

I Just Want to Work Hard Before I Go

Well hi people. I love being with 2 companions. We have no problems y we are working great on taking turns in the lessons y we love to joke y play around together.

Well our church here just got changed to look better, but it is awesome. I feel like I’m at home a big ward y everybody has a calling y there are benches, not seats in the chapel, y even carpet. I’m so happy I’m finishing here. I love it y I feel like I’m at home. It is such a weird feeling. But the members love how there are 3 of us. Some think it is weird y so do we when we are in the streets.

Well we have an investigator named Carlos. He has a lot of good questions that people don’t really ask. He is reading the Book of Mormon y wants to get baptized but his wife dosen’t like the Mormons y he needs to get married. So we taught about the Plan of Salvation y he had a lot of good questions about it. He couldn’t go to church yesterday because he makes things out of wood, so he said he had to sell all of his things yesterday. So now on he can go to church, so please pray for him, thanks.

Well there are 2 college girls, I don’t remember their names, but the are studying for their exams, so we taught about the first lesson y then they had no time because there were studying, but Saturday we called them to see if they are going to church y they said yes, for the first hour. We were so happy. They are trying to become nurses.

Well this week we were walking y saw a guy pulling weeds so we helped him out y made a appointment come teach him on Tuesday. I love looking for service as a missionary.

Well yesterday we each had a kid come with us to find new people y to teach. Well, I went with a teenager named Daniel who came with me. We found 3 new people y a family where not everyone is a member. The husband’s name is Felix y he knows the church is true but he says he is missing more wisdom, so please pray for him too.

Well, I love it here in Las Palmas in Tuxtla, my last area in my mission. I will be home soon but I’m not letting it affect me. I’m going to work hard to the end of my mission. Love you all have a lot of faith y all will be okay.
Love Alex or Elder VanBuskirk.

Hi mom! Thanks. I just say what the spirit wants me to say. Love you.

My new area is great. It is big y it is where a lot of collages are y a lot of apartments y where a lot of rich people live. I love it. The members are awesome. My comps are great y really funny. We joke around always y are working great in the teaching.
I’m happy, like always. Are you?

‪ ‬Well, we were walking down the street y saw a guy pulling weeds so we turned around to help him y we started to pull weeds y talk to him about the gospel like missionaries do, then he said we can visit him on Tuesday. So that was cool‬.

I know you are very happy. So what are your plans this week?

Well mom, all I know is I told BYUI that I will be going on the mission y then they sent me a paper that said they will hold my acceptance until I get back y before I left I wrote my password y username in a book you had, so I don’t know what to do? Yes that is one thing I was scared about trying to find a roommate. Will I have time for Pathway before I go in January?

Mom, I’m a missionary that does service y works hard y jokes around. That is just how I am.

‪Thanks. So what are your next vacations?‬

‪What are the twins doing? What are Caleb y Luke doing?‬
‪Luke is always on the computer.  Tell him I said hi y I love him‬.

Wait what? Tell Grandpa Devine good job on getting married. He told me I could go up with to Colorado y live with him a week. Lets see.

Does the stake president know I’m coming home on the 16th,so he can release me? So I will be home on Friday y party on Saturday y Sunday I talk. What topic? When I go home will the boys be at the airport or will i just see them at the house?

How are Grandma Signs y Grandpa? Wow, I bet he is loving that  new BBQ. Hey how is he feeling? That is great. Tell them I said hi y that they are in my prayers. What do they say about me going home?

That is great. So all is good?
Mom, I feel the same. I just want to work hard before I go home.

I can’t wait to see you guys. The members here always say “Wow, your mom y dad are so young y beautiful.”

Hey are you planning to make me a missionary book when I get home? Okay the blog is awesome. I hope péople are looking at it. Hey dad got my card figured out y it works. Thanks. Love you.

Hey, who was that boy you guys Skyped with? The exchange student? Where is he from? His name? I share a room with him, right? Okay. So what day will he come?

Yes it will work. I will only be there for a few months y then college, but please find what you can do for me for BYUI. Thanks
And then we have the family reunion. Yes they will come, we just need to remind them.
Mom I’ve got to go. Love you soo. Can’t wait to see you soon. Give all my love y prayers y tell them hi xoxoxo

I know mom. Thanks for the package y for your love. Y please figure out about BYUI.  I just want to feel stress-free after the mission. Bye. Love you xoxo love you bye xoxo

I finally washed my bag y that is what it looked like afterwards, ha ha. 

Finally got his package from April!
Just when we has given up hope.
His LAST package from home!

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