Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Last Transfer Here On My Mission

Well, hi family. My companion Elder Lara is leaving to the other side of Tuxtla to be a zone leader. So here in the Palmas will be me y Elder Oakeson. Well this is my last transfer here in the mission y in Palmas. Well I’m a bit sad I’m leaving this great mission y this great time I had these two years. Just in 6 weeks more. Well, I’ve just got too work hard y love the people y have a lot of faith in God this last transfer.

Well Carlos y his wife who doesn’t like the church was there on Sunday. They both loved it. We were so surprised to see his wife there because she dosen’t like to be part of the Mormon church. So we are going to visit them next week y ask them both about how they liked Sunday, so please pray for them y that she wants to get married with him y not in the Catholic church, thanks.

 Well we taught investigator Penal this week about the day of rest y why we do it on Sunday. Well she ask us to pass for her on Sunday to go to church so we did but wasn’t home so we went to church y she was there at the last two hours y at the end she told us she liked it, so we are planning on visiting her this week y see how it went.

Well we visited a less active family named Solis y we sang a song y we talked about our light that we have as members. Y they went to church on Sunday so were happy. We have been busy working with the less actives y finding new people to teach so please pray for that to. Well not a lot of things going on. I invite you guys to find all the blessings God has given you like the song that we sing in church “Count your many blessings,” because I know that there are a lot of them for each one of us. Love you all hugs y kisses to all.
Love ELDER VANBUSKIRK OR ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mom. I’m on.
Hey, for my phone number the 1 is important? People try to send messages to my phone y says it doesn’t work.
y can you take a pic of it y send it for me? It has unlimited text y calling right? Awesome
Thanks. Love you all.

Just a question, I’m sorry, but you should be more focused on the twins getting their Eagle scout y not being on my phone. You should take it away. I thought you said they are grounded - no parties until Eagle, right? I know I shouldn’t tell you how to parent but I’m just helping you fulfill your words, that is it.

How is Franky? Tell him I said “hi” y invite him to my homecoming party.

Why do you always lose your things mom?
So what’s new? I bet you are happy to be with Francisco and happy I will be home soon right? Hey so what are you up to?
So how are the boys doing?
I bet. So when are you heading home?
Two days more? What are your plans]?
I Aunt Natalee is still there? Wow, how fun.  I want to come to the beach with you.

So mom, you guys have hotel here in Tuxtla until the 8th y what other day? Y do we have a hotel room in Mexico City?
But what is the date of our last hotel in Tuxtla?
I think wednesday night y then on thursday y part of friday in Mexico y then home on 16 at the afternoon?
I have got it planned that’s why I need to know the dates. 

Thanks. I’ve got to go. Is there anything you want to tell me?
The boys just want me to stay here longer so they can have my phone, haha, but sorry. I will be home soon y you better watch out boys!

Bye mom. I’ve got to go. Have a good week. Love you so. Say hi to dad y give him my love y prayers.
Love your son, Alex xoxoxo

It’s fine. Bye. love you xoxoxo

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