Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

23 Months Down, One to Go!

Hi to all out there. Well, remember Sebastion, the kid who I gave a blessing to? He passed away on Wednesday.  They had his funeral at 8 that night but there were about 200 people there y a lot of teens who were at EFY with him last week. So that was the saddest thing that happened. But the good thing was his non-member mom came to church but left half way because she was crying, but she came back in. We are going to visit her this week. Well, because he died nobody wanted to go y teach with us. Oh well.

So we visited investigator Carlos, but he has a lot of doubts about the Church y Book of Mormon because he was looking at anti-Mormon stuff on the internet. So we told him to keep reading y praying to see if it was true y he said he whould.  We made an appointment, but he wasn’t there y he said he will go to church y he wasn’t there either, so please pray for him thanks.

Well we visited investigator Peniel. We taught her on the BofM y we gave her Mosiah 2 to read because she wanted to know how she can have peace in her life, then on Thursday we read the rest of Mosiah 2 with her y explained how when we do service for others we are doing service for God. Y we invited her to get baptized on the 10 of September. She went to all 3 hours yesterday of church. We can’t teach her until Thursday because she is out of town.

Well we have a new investigator named Rodolfo who was a referred to us. But our first lesson we just talked to see what he knows y then later on we gave him a BofM to read y we talk about it. Y he said he will go to church y guess what? He did y he really liked it. So we are going to visit him at 7 today y we are going to teach the Word of Wisdom because he had a question about it. His problem is he works one sunday on y one off.

So a less active has a wife named Cynthia who we taught about why we need the BofM y about having faith y repenting. She went to church yesterday y we are going to visit her today at 6. Y we are going to invite her to get baptized.

Well investigator Rosario went to church y she says she is getting herself ready to get baptized. So we talked about the Word of Wisdom y we watch the Jose Smith video y she really likes it y wants to watch it again at her house y really ponder it.

So that was our week. Love you all. Remember each of you is a child of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love Alex or Elder VanBuskirk. ADIOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mom, I’m on. Love you.

No, I’m not bringing those old shoes home because there is no room in my bags. But I still have my over brown shoes from before.  That is why I took pictures.

No.  I’m not cutting my hair. Too much money.
Noo, last time I cut it was when I left Tapachula.
No Derek looks to weird. Cut his first then I will cut mine.
Not until you cut theirs y you should do it soon before the exchange student comes on Saturday.
I told you I won’t until you cut their’s first y that’s it.
No one says anything about it, just you.

So how are the USA elections? Because that is what people ask us all the time y that say USA is getting closer to Satan y that we are a lost hope y that Trump y Hillary are both very bad.
I know it. I’m just telling what people tell us here, that’s all. That’s we say: it is in God’s hands. I know the USA is the choice land of God. That’s right mom. You are smart. That is how you do it.  Just share the gospel. Go on mom!  Little by little, like I always say here in the mission.  Everything will be all right.

You’re welcome y thanks for what you are doing for me. I’ve got to go

‪Sign me up for the 50 mile ride. It will be fine. I just need to practice a bit but I need you to get my bike all ready. Thanks. That will be so much fun to ride with you.

I think it is good that I get a job because I want to buy the new quad in Spanish when I get home. Thanks for applying for me.

Did you ask the bishop about my talk topic?
Okay. so how is dad?
What are the boys up to today?
Don’t you need to move the beds around to make room for me and the exchange student? It’s fine if not. I’m a guest. ha ha.

Hey what should I do with my bed sheets in the mission? they are clean and still good? Just give them away?

Thanks Mom. Love you so. Have a good week y say hi to the exchange student for me. Bye. Love you y thanks for everything. Give all the boys my love for me.
I know. The same to you. Y keep working it out about byu. Thanks. Love you xoxo

love Alex xoxoxo

p.s. I will get a hair cut, don’t worry. ;)

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