Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To Do A Thing Like Christ

Well, we are planning to baptize 3 on September 3rd. We are happy but we need to work hard y trust in the Lord because it is His work, not ours. Well there is a women named Rosario who is family with some members in our ward y she wants to get baptized here with her family, so because she doesn’t live in our area, I had to pull some strings with the mission president y he said it is fine. So we are happy for her. She used to go to other churches, but fells better here in our church. We taught her the first lesson. Well we can only teach her here on Sundays y the other days the other elders can teach her where she lives but the baptism is for us, so we are so happy for her.

Well my companion, Elder Oakeson contacted a women on Saturday night named Concepcion who has some mind problems, but went to church yesterday y wants to get baptized on the 3rd. We taught her about baptism, so we will see how it goes with her.

There is a family where not all are members, so with a teen yesterday we visited them.  The mom y her daughters are members y the husband is named Luis.  He had a lot of questions y he wants to get baptized, but wants answers to his questions, so I said we can’t answer your questions, only God can. Please read this pamphlet of lesson 1 y pray to God too see if this church is true. Y he said he will y we put a date for him on the 3rd. He knows a lot about the church, but he has never asked God. So please pray for him too. Thanks.

Well we taught Carlos on lesson 3 y we brought a member with us who told Carlos about his story when he got baptized because he was like Carlos, doing drugs, but he changed. The spirit was strong in that lesson. He didn’t come to church because he was out of town.

Well on Friday we had an awesome experience. We helped teach the teens here of Tuxtla at EFY where we taught them to be like a missionary y shared the gospel with your friends. So that was cool. 

Well yesterday when I was with Danny, his best friend that was in a wheel chair, was in the hospital. So I went with Danny y his brother to give him a blessing. But the rules was only one can go inside, but because I was an elder, I couldn’t, so a member went in y talked to the boss y he let me in with Danny’s brother to see Sebastion. Well, we gave him a blessing the spirit was strong y was there. Y after we gave him a blessing a man next door wanted us to give a blessing to his wife who was sick. That was awesome being like Christ y giving people blessings, even more when they ask for them. Well, the hospital was the saddest thing I saw. First everybody was cramped in there y there were just a certain amount of beds. There were old people laying on benches y sitting on seats. It was so sad. But after we left we felt the spirit there y I felt good that I was able to do a thing like Christ. Well we heard after the blessing the teen was felling better. So I felt good about that.

Well that is it. Love you all. Thanks for everything.

Hi mom. I’m on. Love you.

The baptism of Sister Rosario y her husband Manuel, the one who was drunk. How cool right? Love you. I know, I’m so happy!

Thanks. I know Aaron is going home today. It is weird. I will be home soon y you will be here a month this Friday. Crazy! Thanks. I feel the same old, but the members are always talking about it. They are both sad and excited for me y they keep reminding me I am leaving. I try not to think about it and just get to work. I’m doing both. I just think it is funny that is what I’m doing, taking it all in. Y I’m writing in my journal, Mom. Don’t worry mom.

What are you doing there in Oceanside? Going to the beach? With the family, Dad is there too? So how are you? Okay that sounds great.
I got to go. Bye. Love you. Have a good week at the beach. Bye love you. xoxoxo

Oh when you do come down you don’t need to bring my white tie. I can borrow one at the temple. But my camera charger, yes.

Thanks mom, I don’t have more time, but thanks for everything. You guys are always in my prayers. Give all the boys y dad my love. Bye, love you. xoxoxo I’ll make the most of every minute here, like always. Thanks,  love you too.  Bye xoxoxoxo

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