Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, February 9, 2015

Crazy Story of the Week

Here is a funny story. Well, we were walking to an investigator’s when a women came out of her house running to us y talked to Elder Laurel. She said “you are the Mormon missionaries?” y Laurel said “yes.”  Then she said, “come in.” So went in her house y her husband was drinking a big bottle of alcohol y his shirt was unbuttoned. Then the wife said to the husband, they are Mormon missionaries so listen to them. They speak the word of God.” Then she went up y went in a different room y grabbed a pass-along card y said “is this you guys?” We said “yes.” So we try to teach them that our bodies are temples, but every time we speak the wife will tell the husband to pay attention y listen to us because we speak the words of God. Then she will run outside when the neighbors come home y invite them to hear the words of God. So that happened about 3 to 4 times in the lesson. Then the husband tells her to be quiet.  Then he got up, shook my hand, y went on his knees y said “I love you because you speak English y you are a gringo” y he said “you are my friend” then he said some words he wanted me to repeat it in English. Then his wife said, “he really does love you.” So we finally said a closing prayer y the wife said a good prayer. Then the husband wanted to, but his prayer was just saying random words y then during the prayer the wife would tell him the ending. Then at the end we said bye y the husband gave me a hug y he said “goodbye my friend.” So that is my crazy story of the week.

This week was great because we got two free rides from taxis. One was a menos activo (less active) y he likes the missionaries. Then the other one beep-beeped at us while we were walking y I say “beep” back y then he stops y he said “I like how your friend beeped at me so free ride,” then he gave us a fist bump. All you hear here is beep beep, so I just say beep beep back to them.

So once again we had one investigator in church, Jose Maria. Our biggest problem is our investigators no visit the church y finding new investigators. Our investigators tells us they feel the spirit, like the Lulu family had tears in their eyes y they felt the spirit when we talked to them about the word of wisdom. Y like Amparo.  She tells us she feels good when we visit. One thing the people love talking to us about is what we think of the day of rest. Because in other religions they say it is on Saturday so they don’t work y hang with their family. But we tell them its on Sunday y we talk more about it. Sometimes they keep on fighting with us so we bear our testimonies y others invite us for a lesson so we can teach them more. A cool fact is the Baptist Bible has the word Saturday written as the day of rest and that is why a lot of people ask us what we think.

Well on Friday was zone conference it was about being more obedient with the commandments y the rules. I also got 3 packages from my family y brother Bruner y sister Frailey y a card from Joy. Thanks everybody for my packages.

Oh by the way, we got word that on Feb. 28 Dallin H. Oaks is going to speak to us y they told us to come up with some questions for him to answer.

One thing people love to give us here is water of fruits y vegetables of any kind. You just add water the fruit or vegetable y some sugar in a blender y mix it. So far I’ve had cucumber y mangos y cantalope y pineapple y a lot more water. 

They have a lime here that looks like a lime on the outside but the inside is orange so it tastes like a sour orange. Its a tradition here not to eat with other people so they give us food y stay for the prayer, then leave us to eat alone. But other members not from Coita eat y talk with us.

Elder Laurel and I are great. He says thanks for the candy.  He still won’t do exercise.  But we are working great.

That was my week love you all y miss you a ton. Thanks for the love y support. Adios!!!!!!!

I’ve got to go. I love you a ton. Tell Nate if he see my friends to tell them to write me. Tell everybody I love them y tell them to keep up the hard work y Nate with wrestling y Francisco on the spirit y work. Love you a ton. Thanks Mom y Dad for total.

this is Jazmine, a girl in the ward
‪ The boy with my comp is Jazmine’s brother. He is helping their mom put up a screen for the door.

the food is beans pig legs meat.

The scenery is in Bonampack, a town 5 min from Coita. We go there for food because of the members.‬

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