Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Crazy Here in Coita

Well this week was great because of the meeting with the temple president. We went in the first room for the endowment y we sang “Help Me Teach with Inspiration,” then I said the opening prayer then the president talked about the different ordinances of the temple. Then we were able to ask any spiritual questions on the ordinances or the video. I didn’t understand a lot but the spirit was so strong. Then we just did a regular session, but the president was my favorite part.

Well yesterday was Coita’s first time having a seventy councilor come.  His name was Reyes. So the young women sang y talked y there were flowers set up y food afterwards, because he was there y the stake president y his councilors too. Then they told us that the movie Meet the Mormons is coming to the movie theaters here in Mexico on Feb. 27.  We were so happy.

Well, the members here are all worry for me because I have been losing a lot of weight, so when I go over to eat, I eat the meal then they ask if I want more. Then I say no, but they give me more anyway, so I finish the second one y then they gave me a third helping, or even more sometimes. Laurel only eats the first serving, but I eat 3 to 4 servings.

Well on Friday I spent a day with our district leader y he told me I know a lot of Spanish vocab, I just need to work on the prestions y pronouncing my words. Well, we visited Lupita y Andre y Tono again and we talked to them about the importance of going to church y baptism.  Lupita felt the spirit because she was about to cry two times - one time was when I told her I’m leaving in April y I said my meta is to baptize your ninos Andre y Tono. Y she said yes.

 Well the week we visit another investigator named Karla y her 10 year old boy named Leo. They love drinking tea, so we taught them the word of wisdom, so they stopped drinking the bad ones but they gave us tea all the time, like lemongrass. It was good. We also invited Karla over tonight for family home evening at Isabel’s house. We didn’t teach Roberto this week because he is never there y Jose Maria just finished his divorce y now we just need him to be married for baptism. Once again we had only one investigator in church, so please pray for us with that. Well tomorrow is no work because we are going to the zoo y playing sports with our zone so we can get closer with them y I heard just maybe watch Meet the Mormons, but I don’t know. That will be fun.

It’s crazy here in Coita right now. There is a big tradition where people were bells on their pants y masks y carry bloody knives y throw flour at people . It is just in the hermanas’ side of town, but they will throw flour at anybody. It ends on Wed. I don’t think it is a holiday, just a weird tradition.  There are lots of fireworks and people walking down the street covered in flour. It’s so crazy. The kids don’t have school until Thursday. I can’t take pictures because it isn’t in our area.

That was my week love you all y miss you a ton Thanks for everything. Adios!!!!!!

Love you so much. I love reading the card for Valentines. I love you y thanks.  Wow, thanks for the photos. The house looks great. Is that even our house?

I’m doing great. Tell everybody I miss them y love them y I think about them all the time y pray for them individually. Tell Dad hi for me, y that I love him y thanks for the support.

this is a fruit called nooney. It heals cancer but nobody eats it
because it smells very bad. I didn’t try it because it wasn’t ripe. 

‪the bananas are called apple bananas 
because they are sweet ‬and round

the drink is pineapple water. we get a lot here

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