Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

They Just Need Our Help and Love

This week was great because we finally had 3 investadores in church. In the past month we only had 1 or none. Well about 3 weeks ago we challenged Omero to no alcohol y smoking for a week we visited him on Monday y his sister Olgui told us he smoked y drank again after 15 days. We ask him why after 15 days y he said “I had no money but my friends bought it for me.” Then we said “those are not your friends.” In every lesson he loves pointing his index finger up y say some words to answer something. Like this week he put up his index finger y said “thank you words of God” in English or like last week he said “thank you God”. He told my companion he loves me because I’m nice to him y I smile a lot. He said we are buddies. Well we try to help him as much as possible but he is always drunk. Like this week he made us beans y jamica. The food got me sick but it was good. He just needs someone to help him y love him that is why we are there.

Well, we found our old investigator, Roberto, again in his grandma’s house, so we challenged him to be baptized this week. We are happy. Well, Jose Maria is listo for baptism.  He is still waiting for a answer from God on the Book of Mormon y the church y because he is now starting to live with HNA Olgui again they first need to get married. So we are bummed about that. Isabel’s son, Zac, turned in his mission papers in this week so we are all waiting for his call. On Feb. 11 the temple president is going to speak to our zone. I love watching “Finding Faith in Christ” to the investigators or menos activos (less actives) because they show the oasis in CA. 

 I got a whole bunch of dear elders y a card from the Flores family y my Christmas package. We are having a hard time finding new investigators y getting our old ones to come to church. Y Lupita, Andre y Tono’s mom, dosen’t want us to visit them anymore. We visit them y Tono says “mom is here” then Andre said to him “no” then they both say “no”. They y Alexandra can’t stop drinking coffee that is one big problem here. Then Andrea y her 2 sons want us to visit but the dad, no.  Before they invited us in, now we teach outside y the kids look sad when we teach them y we ask why y the say nothing. They have visited the church before in Tuxtla y once here. So we have a lot of problems but we are trying to fight through them. Well yesterday we had a menos activo family come back to church besides the mom y a son, but the dad y the 2 daughters yes. That made us happy. So that was my week. Love you y all y miss you a ton. Thanks for all your support. 

I got my package this week. Thanks so much.  I love the tie thing. Such a great idea. You missed some people, but it is fine.

 I love you.

Tell Nate good job on the wrestling y Dylan y Luke I love him y good job on math field day y GATE. Love you all.

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