Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, May 4, 2015

Rainy Season

Hi everyone. This week was the first week of the rainy season. Everyday either in the afternoon or at night it rains. We can hear all the frogs at night y the next day see them dead in the street. The rainy season goes until October. 

Well, we are really having a hard time here in our area because our investigators are not progressing. So right now we have Fabiloua, who visited church 2 times but doesn’t want to get married because she is from a different country. Then there is Ricardo, his whole family are members y he doesn’t want to join. We watched The Restoration, the one about Jose Smith with him. At first he didn’t want to come, but his daughter brought him in to watch. Then there is Antonio who has no time because he is working late at work. Y  Tonita who hasn’t visited church yet, but knows what we teach is true y hasn’t gotten her answer from God to know if it is true. Yesterday we had no investigators in church besides Gina who for 8 years now is waiting for her answer for the divorce.

So last week y this week we have been doing a lot of lessons with the members y teach about missionary work y gave them a movie or a pamphlet to give to people y we ask for referencias. We are getting kind of sad about this area. The contacts they give us are crappy addresses or say they are part of another church. The members told us the elders here always have few baptisms but you guys planted a seed y that is what is important.

The top arrow is where our area ended before, now we will add on everything to the bottom arrow.
Well, next week our area is going to have 4 more streets added to it to help us out because our area is the smallest y a lot of it is trees y fields y the hermanas’ area is bigger so we are going to make it more equal. We are happy about that.

So that was our week. Love you all. Thanks for all the prayers y support. Adios!!!!!

Hi mom. I will Skype you at 4 your time Sunday!  I will have 40 minutes, no mas. 40 because in our white bible, or our rule book, it says 40 y the Church dosen’t want us to be distracted from the work. The same for Christmas. I hope Franky can get off work and Grandma & Grandpa Signs will be there and Grandma Wilber can come down. And I know it will be the last time I see Nathan for a long time.  3 long years! I can’t wait for Sunday!

What more does Nate need to do for his mission? Sounds like its close.  Did Nate get his passport? It is hard to get in the summer. EFY will be great.  I bet the boys are happy about it!  Are Franky and Nate going too? That would be so cool.
Do you have Meet the Mormons on DVD? If you can, send me one! 

I’m fine. My feet hurt from the blisters from my shoes y the rocks. My shoes are not going to last much longer because it is the rainy season.  Before it was hot so my glue in my shoes didn’t work so I had to super glue them again.

Hey, ask dad how much money I have because I am going to send off a package in a week or so. Thanks.

I got to go. Remember 4 on Sunday! Love you a ton! Thanks for everything! Bye. Love you. Say hi to all.
Love you more. Thanks. Adios!!!!!

The hilly roads of our area.

The highest part of our area looking over Comitan.

 Standing in the cold rain because I like it!

The brown drink is peanut pozol.   So now I have all the pozol -maiz y chocolate y blanco. 

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