Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wind Y Hail Y Rain

So this week we got some new investigators. They didn’t visit church, but they are good. Well one is named Jorge Sanchez. He likes to talk about all the news, but he wants us to teach him. Then yesterday after church we taught a hermana named Emma y she is really great too. But this week we are going to work hard with the members to help us in this work too, because it is for everyone, not solo us.

The storm in my story

Well, on Wednesday we planned on having Andres with us all day from 11 to 9. But kind of, because we had meetings all morning. Then about 3 to 4 we were walking past the church and it was all sunny but it started to get dark. So one street after the church it was so dark y a lot of wind y hail y rain like I’ve never seen before in my life! So me y Andres were on one side of the street with nothing y my companion was on the other side with an umbrella. But the hail was hitting the backs of our necks, our faces y arms. It hurt so, so bad!   Then we decided to run to a member close by, but the streets were rivers, so when we finally made it to the house we were soaked from head to toe y we were shaking. So the member took us home y we changed our clothes y went back to work. Then Andres told us he doesn’t want to come with us any more. But wow, it was bad!

Andres on his last Sunday

 Well yesterday was Andres last Sunday. We took photos y said goodbye y good luck y he gave us each a tie. He will be such a great missionary.

 Well on Friday President George gave us interviews. He just tells a lot of stories like always.  He told me a story about the French Revolution y an elder who missed his plane.  He asked about my family y he said he loves me y I’m doing a great job.

So that was my week. Love you all ADIOSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mom. Go on Dropbox.  I have a surprise for Nate. It is a Russian language course.  Well a member went to BYU for one year to learn English y his friend was learning Russian so he had a copy. Then he put it on my usb then another member who has internet let it download for almost 3 hours. So let Nate work on it.   It is the same course they teach in the language learning building at BYU. Have Nate print some of the book to practice on your trip.

Did you send the package?  Wow thanks. I really love you y miss you the last package got here in 10 days

Wow that is awesome that Nate is helping coach water polo. How are you y dad? So how is the unpacking going?

Are you ready for another vacation? Lake Tahoe sounds fun.  Have fun!

 Well my comp Elder Merrill is leaving on 21 of Decembre y we speak all Spanish. But it is kinda hard with another gringo because we want to speak English.  He has had 5 areas y he corrects me on my Spanish y he helps me on it everyday. I always do listen to him and work hard. We have no problems. I just love him.

I bet you do want to squeeze me - like all moms.  Love you!
Bye mom.  Love you a ton. Have a safe trip. SAY HI TO EVERYONE for me y that I love them. Don’t have too much stress ok? You y Dad both. Love you all. Be safe y thanks for everything.

a new place for us 

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