Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, November 9, 2015

Alex: A Week of Being Fat

Hi everyone. I hope all is good for you guys wherever you are. Well the first good news is today is exchanges y none of us are leaving, so we are together again y ready to make these next six weeks the best we can with our faith in God. Well, this week was a week of being fat! 3 members who feed us last week gave us pizza because we are gringos y we would love pizza.  It was fine the first day but the next two times it was hard. We even had one member yesterday bought us pizza on Sunday we were kind of sad.  He always feeds us on Sunday y he ether gives us pizza or Burger King so we talked to the bishop y they changed his food day to Saturday for us so he wont break the day of the Lord. Breaking the day of rest is such a huge problem here, that is why we, the missionaries, are here to help the members as well on the importance of the day of rest.

Well guess what? It was my turn to get sick with a stomach infection, so we had to stay home for a whole day that sucked a lot. A week before we found a new family of 4, but we are teaching there son Ulisses y he wants to get baptized but doesn’t have time with his grandma who is sick. But we are still working with him. So yesterday we had a lot of less actives in church: Gloria y her son, y the whole Toledo family. We were so happy. Love you all y thanks for everything!!!!!!!!
TE AMO!!!!!

Hey mom, I’m on. Love you!
Okay why did Nathan do his farewell talk early? He is leaving on the 18th right? I wish i was there.  He is going to be a great missionary. How are you? Were there a lot of people at the party?
That is great. Did Nate have a good time? 

Hey do you know if Grandma Wilber is sending me a Christmas gift so I can look for it?  Hey do you know anything about nick brown?

Hey, one thing you need to make online for me y Nate are contact cards to give to people. Just aour name y address of our home y facebook y what mission y are email y a pic. Everybody has them.

I need pants. They are fading. I was 40 when I left but now I’m 38, if you are going to buy some. I need two blacks y two browns or one brown y one grey. no say
That is what the mission is. I love you. Do you have questions? I’m almost out of time.
I just want Nathan to write me a nice beautiful letter on my email before he leaves, ok?

Tell Franky to read my email y email me back y tell him I love him. 
I sent a nice letter to Grandpa Devine.
Hey mom, I’m sorry but someone stole my Mexico Mickey pin. Sorry. Hey I love those shirts you y Nate have at Disneyland.

Can you buy me one y I will pay you back? Thanks. Can you send pics of the sideyard with the barbque? Thanks. Love you.
Did they finish the fireplace?

Make sure Nate writes me before with a nice letter. Thanks. You are the best.  Love you
Thanks.  You guys are the best. I’m glad! I’ve got to go. Love you
Thanks Mom. Love you. Bye.
I love you y thanks for everything. Say hi to all for me! Love you.
You are the best. Bye. Love you
Adios xoxo

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