Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, November 23, 2015

Alex: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everybody. Now Nathan is on his mission y he is at the MTC for a few weeks. l love him so much y I miss him like crazy! He was such a great brother y friend to me. I wish him luck y love y a lot of prayers for his mission. God bless him!!!!!!!!

Well we started our Monday night with investigator Gaby y her famliy for a family home evening y food.  We didn’t have a lot of time so we just answered all of their questions they had about the church. It was great. They love us so much. Then we taught her the next day on the Gospel of Jesus Christ y on friday on the day of rest because she needs to work with her husband on Sundays, but she said she will work as hard as she can to take it off y go to church. Then we taught the new member, Hernana Laura’s family on tithing because they had some questions about it, so that was a great lesson. Then we taught investigator Lupita on the Book of Mormon y it was a great lesson.  What we did good this week was visiting less actives.  We don’t plan to do much, but here in our area our investigators are never there so we need to visit the members or the less active a lot.  But this week we are going to work super hard on finding new investigators.

Well, I gave a talk in church about the missionary work because the members don’t really want to help us. So I wrote down an intro y found a scripture y then i said what the spirit wanted me to say y it sounded like I was bashing them, but everybody said it was good.

Love you all y thanks for all the love y prayers for me.  I can feel them all the time. Love Alex or Elder VanBuskirk


Hi Mom. How do you feel now with two of us out? Love you.

Have you heard anything from Nate? Did Nate ever read my letter? How many packets have you sent him already? haha Did you send him the cinnamon rolls? Grandma told me you are crying a lot now. I hope you are happy soon.

Hey, the guest room looks great.  I can’t wait until it is mine, ha ha. I’m happy you are not giving the room to the boys before I get back. It is fine, you can make it girly until I get back, ha ha.
Hey, can you send a pic of your pink room people want to see  it?

Hey, I got the package for my birthday! I love it y it was a lot bigger than last year. I love the shirt y the watch. Thanks so so much! Love you y thanks for thinking of me. So what is in my Chirstmas package y how much time did you send it after my birthday one?  Hey did you look in the contact cards for me? Work on them for me please. It should be easy. Hey did you ask Stevens about making me nuts? Tell him I miss him a ton y can’t wait to go out to the movies with him again. Thanks.

I love this scripture. It will help you understand what President  Morris told you about Nate being safe: Alma 19:23.

 Hey, did Grandpa Devine ever said goodbye to Nate?

So the kids have no school this week, right? I’m glad. So what are your plans for Thanksgiving? That is awesome that you are having two Thanksgivings! I wish I was there. Give all my love there. I know I’ll be there next Thanksgiving!

I miss Nate’s bread too. I just send Nathan a letter. Hey when am I getting those ties from Nate?

Hey, tell dad they mission wants me too make some no bake cookies, so I’m going to buy the stuff y then the mission will give me money back, okay?

That’s great about all the missionary work going on at our house. Hey, tell Donovan to write me.

Hey guess what? I’m losing so much weight now I can take off my CTR ring very easy, ha ha. I weigh 189 y if i loosed 9 more pounds it will be the same I weighed in school.

Wow that was awesome about you and the BofM365 IG Keep it up Mom.

Hey Mom, remember that kid, Johnny I baptized in Comitan? Well this is about his dad, who was a less active:

One of my favorite moments, other than the baptism, was that a less active (The little kid that got baptized when I got here's dad, if you remember. I think he's in a picture I sent in June.) who's never really wanted to go to church or even pray or read the scriptures, suddenly opened up to us, and said that recently he's had the desire to go back, and to really find a real testimony. He asked us to start teaching him all the lessons again, and at the end of the lesson yesterday (he also went to church :) ) he said a prayer. I seriously love those moments as a missionary. When people say their first prayer in a long time, or even in their life. It's so great hearing them talk to their father again, and seeing what they choose to say. So that was a great moment.

I can’t wait for the next package when you can send the contact cards y the nuts y and ties! I got to go, sorry, but I love you.

Hey, before I go, I need to tell you what is happing with my mouth. Well I had a cavitiy from a long time  ago y the filling on the side of it came off y food since then got in y it was bothering me, so they took the filling out y they put medicine in it y tomorrow they are going to put it back in. They said if I waited a bit longer to take it out, I would have to have a root canal, so they wanted me to tell you what’s happening, okay? Love you.

No pics this week because on Saturday we had a talent show y somebody was taking a video of us y afterword she accidently erased all my pics. Sorry. But next week, ok?

On my birthday I would like the boys to tell me what’s is going on in there lives, but I don’t know what else. I will tell you next week.  Okay, I’m way over my time. I’ve got to go. Love you.

Thanks Mom. Have a great Thanksgiving y I will make sure I will do a lot of thanks that day! Say hi to everyone for me y give them my love y tell them happy Thanksgiving! Thanks.  Love you. xoxoxoxo Love you. Bye.

‪Love you y thanks for everything you do for me. You are the best. That is what I’m thankful for. Bye. Love you xoxo‬

Love, Alex

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