Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Great Week

The pink chair is in the branch president’s home here. I sit on it all the time. 

This week was great. First of all, the weather was raining like all week. The second thing is that my bad cough I had for a month is finally gone. The third thing is that Leyber, the one Garcia baptized in Oct., wants to serve a mission but he needs to be a member for a year. He has nine months left y he also wants to go to the temple in a year that means me y Garcia can go through the endowment with him because we will still be on our mission. So that’s cool. The fourth thing is we found more investigators on Friday.  That is good because we are having trouble with the ones we already have. Like the Reyna family they think it is all about us not the church.  Y there is Andre y Tono. Their mom won’t let us do lessons with them any more when she is around y lets them drink coffee y no church. When their mom isn’t there we teach them y we committed them to baptism this Saturday, so let’s see. We have a lot of investigators: the Lulu family y Omero y Alexandra y Olgui’s husband y Andrea’s family. The problem we have is none of them are going to church. Well, yesterday we went to Andrea’s family house y picked up two of the kids to bring to church. Well Olgui’s husband visited the church 3 times that is good because you need to visit the church for 5 Sundays to before you can be baptized.

Well Garcia is leaving in a week so he let me be in charge of the travel money y talk more in the lessons, but it is going good. On Wed. we had a zone conference where we went to different classes to help us with our investigators. I also got some Christmas stickers from my family y two cards from grandma VanBuskirk. On this upcoming Saturday I am going to teach the people here how to make banana bread. That will be fun. So that was my week. Love you all y miss you a ton. Thanks for the support y prayers. Adios!!!!!!!!!

My language is coming slowly, but coming. The people still don’t understand me. I feel great about getting a new companion. I can’t wait to try, but me y Garcia both love each other so it will be hard to say goodbye. I just don’t want a gringo, but it is very common. Tell Grandma Van I got my BD card y thanksgiving. Any more packages I need to know about? For a while Garcia was getting mad at me is because he had no patience with me not knowing what to do or the language, but it is all good now. It is all back to normal. Yay, I’m getting my himnos cases today y I ordered a case for my quad for only 16 dollars in US. Why not? I  can’t wait to show you. The guy that makes them is not a member. He lives in a town nearby y he does it by hand.

I’ve got to go. Say hi to everyone y tell them I love them. Bye. Love you all. Thanks for the support.  Love you. Hugs y kisses.

One of the sea turtle eggs we tried last week.  They were so good.

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