Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, January 5, 2015

They Call Me Loco

Finally got his birthday package - celebrating a month late.

Hola family y friends,

It was a great week because its a new year. First of all happy new year!!!!!!!

Well I know they don’t like me here in Mexico because when we cross the street when there is no cars, out of nowhere they drive fast y try to run me over, then they call me loco. It happened twice this week. But I’m fine.

We started are week with a district meeting in Tuxtla about listening to the people we teach. After the meeting me y Garcia went on splits with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Howell because he speaks English. He is a great zone leader. I love him so much. It sucks he is leaving for home in two weeks. He helped me with Spanish y being a better missionary on our splits. Then at night we ordered Dominos y hung out until bed. It was a great day.

Well the last day of the year was great. There was a beautiful sunset y we found 10 new investagators.  We had two dinners that night. One with a less active family; they gave us chicken.  Then we went to Isabel’s house had ham y snacking food y pasta. It was all so good. Well speaking of food this morning Isabel came back from a party 4 hours away y she had food for us. She feed us pasta y chicken then she gave us a egg. We asked her what type y she said sea turtle! It was against the law in Mexico, but it was at the party. It was good. It was soggy but good. Me y Garcia loved it. Sorry mom, I know you love sea turtles.

The first day of the year was horrible because it was hot y because the weather is changing so much. I got sick again with a running nose y my cough. Well we went to a member house y she gave us tamales. I took two bites than my stomach was hurting. Garcia said do you know what that is? I said no. Then he told me to ask. So I did y the member said MOLE! Then Garcia started to laugh. My stomach was hurting for 3 days. The weather here is so confusing. For half of the week it was frio and a little raining then it was supper hot y today it is raining again.

Well one new investigator is the Benedicto family. They are Catholics but they like listening to the words of God. Then Andera y her kids, there are 3 or 4.  They are interested but her husband does not like us y he is trying to convince them no mas lecciones from us. Then there is the Amparo family.  They love us y they give us food all the time. We have great investagadores but they wont go to church, But we are trying our best about that. Well Alexandra wants to be baptized but she is afraid of the water y we are waiting for permission from her parents. Then Omero wont stop drinking y he wont go to church. Our only investigator in church is Alexandra.

Well that was my week love you all y thanks for the support y prayers. I’m praying for all of you. I love you y miss you a ton. ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t sent a package yet I would like a sharpi or a permanent marker y white board maker y another pack of socks because I gave mine to Garcia because he only has two good pairs y the rest are ripped because the socks in Mexico are no bien. Thanks

Today we are going to pick up my himno covers y next week for Garcia’s last week, we are going to a tourist place. I will send you photos of the cases next week. Love you.

Sounds like you guys had a busy week. We did too. I love you y I pray for you y dad’s work y the family y I always pray for Francisco. Tell Brother Bruner  y Brother Stevens I say hi‬.
Okay I got to go. Tell Dad I pray for him y his work y you y my brothers by name in my prayers. I love you all y miss you a ton. Tell Sparky the same, y snake. Tell the boys to continue to work hard y Nathan on his mission papers y the twins on there projects. Y tell me new brother I love him y I miss him. Once again, I love you y miss you a ton. Thanks for the support y prayers y love. ADIOS family!!!!!!

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