Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Lot of Hard Work Does Pay Off!!

Well, what a week! First, it was one year ago last Friday when I got my call to Tuxtla. Wow.

Well this week we thought we were going to the temple, but we had to work very hard to do so because we are four hours away. So we worked so hard to earn it y on Friday they said the whole ward is not going because Tuxtla is shut down from teachers protesting because they wanted to do it before the voting yesterday. But we had to send our numbers to the president Friday night to see if we can go, so all week we worked y worked y worked y guess what? We did it!  We met our goals y we still didn’t go to the temple. It was fun y a lot of work. So we did 24 lessons with an investigator y 95 invites to baptism y 215 contacts y 4 investigators came in church yesterday y 12  new investigators! Johnni got confirmed a member y he received the gift of the Holy Ghost y in the blessing the person said he will be a great faithful missionary. But wow what a great week a lot of work does pay off!

So we visited a new investigator named Socuro y we taught about the Plan of Happiness because her friend died y one hour before the testigos (Jehova Witnesses) came y taught her there is no life after this one y we are nothing. So we asked after the lesson how do you feel?  She sad good, peace, y she said “I know this is the plan of God”  The spirit was so strong y it was a wonderful lesson. We got a new investigator named Luis.  He drinks but we are helping him out with it. Y we visited David again y gave him a date for baptism July 11.  He already visit ed church 2 times.  He is a great kid. We are always teaching Alba but she doesn’t want to get married.

Happy Birthday Elder Merrill!
More cake!

 Well yesterday was my companion’s birthday so I bought him a cake. Then a member bought him a cake, so we have a lot of cake now y today is his 17 month in the mission. But that was my week love you all thanks for everything.

Love Elder VanBuskirk

I got the garments y grandma’s gift card. Tell her thanks for me y thanks to you too.

I’m great.  My feet are fine. I love my companion.  He is great!

Nate will get his call on Thursday. My comp says Nate will go to North Carolina or Mexico. I’m not guessing because I’d rather just find out, but it would be very awesome if he comes down to Mexico or Idaho.

‪I understand how you feel, Mom. I will pray for you y Franky y his family. You did everything you could for him y that is all God wanted from you, so good job.

Thanks for everything! Wish Dad y the twins happy birthday y I love them‬! Say hi to Luke, Caleb y Nathan y tell them I love them all so much. Talk to you guys next week.  Have a good week.
Thanks. Love you.  Please send the info for Franky’s great tio who lives here in Comitan y send Franky email.  Thanks. Bye. Love you! xoxoxoxo


This says that me y Elder Mena did a lot of work so we made it in the newsletter!

Storm clouds over Comitan

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