Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Trials and Tender Mercies

Well this week has been really a trial of my faith y Elder Estrada’s. On Monday we taught investigator Hernan age 15 y his younger brother Arturo age 13.  We taught them about tithing because they had questions on it y everything was good. Then on Thursday we had an appointment with them at 7 but when we knocked at the door their mom Nancy came out y she said she read the Book of Mormon, but she said it can’t be true because nobody can talk to God by revelation. Y then she asked us if we knew the member who gave them the Book of Mormon y we said no. Then she said so “you guys are fake missionaries for the Mormons” because he is an active member, but we didn’t know him because he is in the other ward.  She told us she has no trust in letting her kids go to church. She said you can teach them but for now no church. So we were a bit sad but one of her neighbors is a member y so we took to her y the next day we visited but they were sick so only the dad was there. But the member said I’m willing to take them to church y home again. We just want the member to talk to Hna. Nancy.  They are friends, but not to good friends, so lets see what happens.

Then on Tuesday we were in the church for a meeting, then investigator Roberto’s son David’s wife told us some very, very sad news. Investigator Roberto is not married after about 20 years. He was to afraid to tell us. So we visited him at night y he told us that his wife y her husband got separated, but not divorced. Then her y Roberto were living together for about 20 years. He said thanks for the lessons, I learned a lot y we told him we will continue to visit him y he needs to read the pamphlets y the Book of Mormon y pray to see what God wants you to do. Then he said he will talk to his wife y see what they can do. So we were so sad.

 Then we tried to visit Roscio, but was not there all week.  We are going to find new investigators y continue having faith in God.

The white hankie they gave us for the dedication.
This is the second rededication I got to see while
on my mission!

 But on Saturday we watched the cultural event in Mexico MTC.  It was about the Book of Mormon y the church in Mexico where it all started out like a seed of faith. Now it has 13 temples y a lot of members. Then yesterday we were able to go to two sessions of the rededication of the Mexico City Temple. It was so great y beautiful y the spirit was there. Henry B. Eyring was there y Jeffery R Holland was there y he gave such a great talk on the spirit of Elijah.

So that was our week. We know that God gives us hard weeks for a reason. I hope we can see some good things this week. I will have 1 year on Thursday since I walked into the MTC. Love you all y thanks for the prayers y love.

Hola mom. How are you?
The temple dedication was the only good of our week. Well Roberto is no more y problems with Hern y Arturo.  But the temple dedication did help a lot. You know that song you sang to me all the time when I was small, “Heavenly Father Loves Me”? When I sat down y waited for it to start they played it y I felt the spirit y more importantly I felt your love for me! I love you Mom.  I know it was a tender mercy. Don’t cry.

Did you ever watch that video of the “missionary work and the atonement”? It is about how missionary work has to be hard to because the Atonement was hard.‬ It is a 5 minute video.

Hey, it’s been more than two weeks y no package.  I wanted it for my one year.  Did caleb gave Ms. Cercone my email address?  How’s Nathan?  Wow, Adam is going in the army? Wow!
Hey, did you ever tell my old scout leader thanks for the letter y that I love her?
Do you hear anything from Joy? I hope she will let you in. I pray for her all the time.  I hope all is well with Joy.‬

Hey, tell Nate I want him to think of and give me a gift a special gift for you to give to me when I get home, okay?  No say what.  I want Nathan to think of something.

I’m almost out of time. Hey tell Dad that I’m going to take out 20 dollars for pizza for my one year!  

‪Okay thanks. Tell Dad I will take out money for something special for my one year anniversary.

I love you so y give everybody my love y I miss them y they are always in my prayers and heart! Xoxoxo

More cows in our area

Me and my companion playing the marimba.

Elder Estrada playing the marimba

Ivan, a new member here

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