Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Opening a New Area!

Things are swinging!

Hey everybody. Well, today is tranfers y I’m leaving my area, but I’m going to be in the same zone . Y I’m going to open a new area named Los Lomas where the elders before got sick y left. My companion is Elder Runyan. He has be out the same time as me in the mission. So that is the big news!!!!!!!

investigator Fernando
 Well yesterday we had a new, very crazy, investigator in church named Fernando. Well, we saw him in the street on Wednesday. Then we visited him on Friday. First off, he has all the books of all the churches you can think of, y second, he said he has a bag of drugs in his head y he got stabbed by a sword 4 times y he died y came back to life. He has a long beard y long hair y we said, “if you want to get baptized, you need to cut it.”  He said it is fine, but after cutting it he’ll get all of his cut hair y tie it on a long rope with his other hair that he cut because he said it got blessed y he got baptize 4 times: 2 times in the same church y the other times in others. He went to church yesterday y everybody thought he was the Mexican Jesus!  He wants to be baptized on October 20, so let’s see what happens.

investigators Hernan y Arturo 

We had the member yesterday go y get Hernan y Arturo, but they were very, very sick. But we taught them on Wednesday on the plan of happiness y on Saturday on the word of wisdom.  We gave them a date to be baptized on the 20th of October also. So we have 3 dates for baptisms. Let’s see what happens. We were about to finish the goals the president wants us to do, but we didn’t have enough investigators in church. We are trying to help Hna. Rosio have this faith y wanting to visit church again. She hasn’t gone for a few weeks.

Well that is it. I love you all y thanks for everything!  Enjoy conference weekend y love you all!

Hey Mom, I got some news. Guess? Yep, transfers! Well, I’m in the same zone y my companion is Elder Runyan. He is a gringo from Utah. We have the same amount of time here because we got here together.  I don’t know him because he was in the other district in the MTC. No say who is the senior comp because me and my companion have been the same time in the mission.  But the big news is we are going to open an area. But the bad part y the hard part is to open a new area. I am a bit happy to be done with my last comp.

Thanks for the package. I got it in a month. Not too bad. Did you send my Halloween package?  So what is in my package? Halloween candy of course! Gracias! How are you?  Is the family all good?

Can’t wait for conference and to know who are the three new apostles. I never have answers for conference, because I just don’t have questions.  But I will ask for guidance on how to go about opening this new area. 

No say if I can see the baptisms from my last area. We’ll see.

I love you!  So how is Nate with the mission? That is so good that he was made an elder. You should look at the mission book with him and make sure he is ready. ha ha.  I got to go in a few.

Thanks mom for everything y give all my love! Thanks.

Hermano Hidlago y his wife 

with member Ivan 

Investigator Roberto y his broken arm 

me with a kid named Ju y his grandma 

thumbs up with Rachel 
Elder Estrada and I with Rachel's sister, Diana  

playing around 

Duros - chips a member gave me

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