Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Alex: Hidalgo - I Love it Here! (or How to Illegally Cross the Mexico/Guatemala Border for about a Buck)

Well now I’m in my new area. It is hot. I’m in a branch where there is only 60 to 70 who go to church out of 400 members. This branch has not a lot of priesthood holders. Yesterday we had to say the sacrament prayer y it was my first time y I did it right. Y because there was no one to give talks being a missionary they told us to give a talk on service. So many people told me it was good y I said things that people need to hear.  That was cool. 

Well me y my comp., Elder Luis Juan are the only ones here in our big area. There are parts where we have never gone but  where lives a lot of less actives, so we are planning a trip with the branch president to go out there y visit. I do have a beach in my area y I’m the most south you can be in Mexico y I can see Guatemala from here. We can’t go over because it is a different mission but we can see the Mormon Church over there on the other side of the river. It is pretty cool. Our ward mission leader is 82 years old y he is still new in the church.  He will go to the templo for the first time this friday. He reminds me so much like my wonderful Grandpa Leon. The people are a lot poorer here, but they are a great humble people. In my area we have people from all over the place: Guatemala, Honduras y a lot more. They just live in shacks on the old train tracks. The great President Lucas has a washing machine y he lets us use it. It is hot here. There is a nice wind but when you are walking you don’t feel it. I’m glad to be done with the hills but now I need to get ready for the hot. Well we are for the most part working in the center but sometimes for food we need to go to another place a bit far. But we are planning on going to the beach part because it is far y a lot of members live there. Well a lot of people here know English y they always say “hi” or “how are you” or “what is good.” I love it here y we have a lot of work to do but we are ready. Love you all y thanks for all the prayers y love.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Vanbuskirk

Hi mom love you

‪There are no hills here and of all the missions of Mexico we are the most South y the most cerca of Guatemala‬. I can see Guatemala on the other side of the river and the Mormon church over there. There is a bridge you can cross if you have papers, or if not you can cross on rafts to the other side for 15 pesos, so about a dollar. We can’t go over there because that is another mission. Love you.

My comp is great. He loves me. He was in my first zone in Tuxtla y he always wanted to be with me. He is a funny guy y he has a lot of love. He has 14 months y it is his first time being a leader, Yes, we will be a great team.

Well it is a branch here where only about 70 people go to church but there is a 400 members in the ward list. It is sad here. There is no one to say talks so we gave talks yesterday y we prayed for the santa cena (sacrament)  y we are the leaders for the young men.  The president doesn’t have secretaries to work on the papers. Y everybody is poor, but very nice.
The Church building: as found on Google Earth

Our area is huge y the president wants to have another set of missionaries, but if we want that to happen we need 150 people to go to church y that is why we are working hard for bringing back the less actives so another pair of elders can come because this area is huge. The church building is huge y they built it 12 years ago.

Okay thanks mom how are you? I’m glad things have slowed down and it is time for you to relax now. Get your painting done!

Hey can you print off the talk called “Lift where you stand” y give it to Dylan y Derek. Tell them to study it y ponder it y pray about it.

Did you send my package? . It is fine. So you are going to send 2 packages?

That looks like a lot of snow on your mountains.  It looks awesome.

Yes it was hard to leave Lomas, but I was able to make banana bread with Lilly y I didn’t leave until Saturday so it gave me more time. I know it kind of got burned, but it still tasted good.

If you’re looking on Google Earth, my house is two streets down from the Guatemala  border y we have 3 bathrooms with air conditioning y I have my own bathroom y my own room for my stuff. It is two stories high. ‪It is white and red.  If you go to the main park where a big flag is you go down until you see the right red y white house. It is big. It has a garage door y our neighbor’s house looks the same. It has wavy barbed wire on top. If you face the park go right y on the other side  of the street. We are far from the church but close to the river and not the same street as the church. It faces the river. Central sur entre 6 y7 oriente - it is on the center street between 6 y 7, down the street after you pass the dirt with tracks on it you are almost there. (I never did find a red and white house there on google earth – somebody must have painted it since Google Earth drove by, haha)
They said it was 10 hours, but the bus ride was only 5. I have a lot of pics, but Dropbox won’t download them. It is being slow. I will try next week.

I’ve got to go. Bye. Love you. Bye mom. Love you.
I will send you a pic next week okay bye love you. xoxoxo

I need to go.  I love you. Say hi to all the boys for me y give them my love.  I pray for you guys always y thanks for the prayers y love


The view in the bus.

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