Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Alex: God's Army

Well what a week first this week we had a Seventy come y teach us for 4 to 5 hours. His name was Elder Torres. We learned a lot about how to be better missionaries, to use members more in lessons because we work with them as a team in faith y love in the work of God. He invited us to always be worthy to have the Holy Ghost because we are just the instrument in the work; we just listen to the Holy Ghost on what to do. He also wants us to get a blessing from the bishop or branch president when we are new in the ward or branch to see what the Lord wants us to do to make this ward or branch better. I will be getting mine tomorrow. I can’t wait. Well during his talk we had a worldwide conference with all the missionaries in the whole world. It was awesome! Dallin Oaks talked y Elder Clayton.  It was awesome. Well they showed us the numbers of baptisms y less actives y they said there is now even more girl missionaries than ever before - that was cool.  I really enjoyed those two meetings the spirit hit me so so strong y I know God wants me here y that the church is the only true church. Y that the Holy Ghost is always there, but a lot more for us, the missionaries of God y I know I’m part of the biggest y strongest army in the whole world! Y that army is God's army.

Well we, with some members, cleaned the church on Saturday y wow was it dirty! It was sad that the members don’t really care about it y only 2 old people came y helped.
No-bake cookies I made for the members

Well I made the no bake cookies again but for a whole bunch of members that live kinda far y we are trying to find a cheaper way for them to come to church. We are trying to get a shuttle for only 10 pesos because there are bikes that can pick them up but for 25 pesos.  

Well the family home evenings at members’ houses are awesome. So many people are coming y enjoying it. Well on Sunday was the stake broadcast, but it didn’t work good, but it was still full of the spirit. Well President George gave a talk y said there are 185 missionaries in this mission y that the members need to work with us or he will take us out y take us to another area where the members work. He told them to take the advantage.

Well it was a great week love you all y thanks for the prayers y love.
Love Elder VanBuskirk

Hi mom. I’m on. Love you. How are you? I’m great. Love you.
Wow, the new sofa looks beautiful. Caleb’s braces look good. Say hi y give him my love. Everybody in Nate group looks weird, haha.

 How many miles did you ride? Wow when are you going to do the 100? Love you. Did you finish your card?

I just sent a video I made about Guatemala. It is cool. Did you like the video?

Hi Mom. I got to go. Maybe we can talk more next week. Give all my love y prayers, y thanks for everything. I can really feel your love y prayers
love alex

Love you this time I’m leaving. Say hi to everybody y give them my great love. love you xoxoxoxoxo  Bye mom love you give all my love have a good week you are always in my heart y prayers love you xoxoxo

banana y peach Mexican shave ice for 10 pesos. 
They are on a cart going all over the city. 

A Spiritual Experiencia of Elder VanBuskirk

Well on Friday I gave the second part of a blessing to a less active member who is coming back to church.  He is getting ready to serve a mission y we are helping him with some personal problemas. But his name is Fernando y when I gave it to him with my not-so-good Spanish I spoke what God wanted him to hear y know.  Afterwards the member who we were with said ‘Wow I never heard a blessing like that before, y I think we all need to get blessings from Elder VanBuskirk. He said just what needed to be said.”  Then the member asked Fernando, “did you listen to what he said?”  Y he said yes, y then he started to cry y went y give my comp a hug y then I joined in. So that was awesome. I know when we are worthy to have the Holy Ghost we are able to have the spirit y able to say what God wants you to say in blessings y it is just a gift I have to be able to give great blessing to people y answer their prayers. I have shared this gift God has given me in all my mission. I know God is there y he lives y we should always be worthy to have the spirit. I’m so glad God gave me this gift to be able to help others in my mission. 

Elder VanBuskirk

I’m wearing a 100 dollar hat 
the New Beginnings party for young women    

our big house 

the mountain is actually an active volcano

how many Jehovah's Witnesses there are 

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