Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Missionary of Love

Well hi everybody. It is hot here y because it is hot, it is taking all my energy away. So I’m always tired. But I will get used to it, don’t worry. 

 So this week we visited a less active named Rundolfo y we thought he just wanted to argue with us, but when we got there we talked about fe (faith) y how fe is dead without works.  He has some problems so we helped him out. Then the Spirit came over me y told me what to talk about y it was about the templo y fe.  After I was done speaking he started to cry y he said that is so true y thank you.  My comp was just staring at me. That is cool! We are able to talk right to the people with the spirit. Like it says in Preach My Gospel, there is only one language the missionaries need to learn: not their assigned language of the mission, but the language of the Holy Ghost. I can really see that in my mission speaking in Spanish with the help of the Holy Ghost. If I just give my part, God will bless me with the rest. I see that a lot in my mission.

Well again I made about 100 cookies for a family home evening y the president talked on keeping the commandments.  Then when I passed the cookies out everybody said they were good y they wanted me to teach them, so that was cool.

Well we had 4 investigators in church, but they can’t get baptized because one can’t get married y the other one, she only goes to church because I’m white. But we do have 2 dates of baptism: Rosa, who got baptized but lost her papers coming to Mexico y her husband Manuel on 27 of February. So we are so happy. Well that was my week love you all.


Hi Mom I’m on. Love you.

I’m alright. Oh I see.  You replaced me with Franky and now you need to replace Nathan with an exchange student. Well in what month because I will be there for a few months before collage? It will be great time with the exchange student. Yes it is true; it is all up to God. Let's see. I will only be there for a few months anyway.

Hey every Christmas we have a family present.  What was the family present this year?

Hey it will be cool of we make family t-shirts for the family renioun? Did you finish y send your cards yet?

 Things I love most about my mission: serving others by making cookies. And also my president of the mission told me he put me here in this area because the people need a missionary of love y he said I was the one.  He said in my other areas members call him y they ask about me. That is cool.

So how is everything? Hey president wants to know how long are you guys planning to stay when you come down to pick me up? Love you. The rule is you have up to six weeks, for example I have a member there will let you guys stay y take us to all the waterfalls there. The rules of the church say you can be there up to the next transfer if you want, but I think a few weeks?

Yes, because I’m white that lady wants me to marry her. She is crazy.

Okay so what is new, love? How is Dad?
I’m sorry about his bad time at work. I will pray.

Send your cards this week!
I got to go to work. Bye. Love you. Tell everybody I love them y I pray for them y I will pray for Dad.
Thanks Mom. Bye Love you.
 Adioss xoxoxo
An interesting picture Alex sent using his waterproof camera.  Kind of cool.

in a bucket y i was able to take a pic 

Trying on hats with the Branch President's daughter.

the canal    

all the banana trees are the same bananas you eat here

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