Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Alex:The Mission is a One-Time Thing.

Well on Tuesday we walked very far to a less active named Cielo, where she y her two brothers are members but her mom y dad are not, because the dad is in the army y never home. So we taught her to obey her mom y then we talked to her mom, her name is Martha, y we talked about the first lesson.  She reads the Book of Mormon y prays y she has her clothes for the baptism. She wants to get baptized, but she is waiting for a answer to see it is true. So we set a date to get baptized on March 12.  We visited her two time this week y she went to church yesterday. We are so happy for her.

So we visited Rosa y Manuel. They are all good. We taught them the 10 commandments, but this week we are going to visit y give them another date to get baptized, because this week they can’t because they have not a lot of money to get married. Rosa went to church yesterday y Manuel no because of work.

Well on Wednesday we went with President George y with all the missionaries in Tapachula - there were 45 of us - we went to a waterfall. 

On the way the shuttle stopped working so we had to walk up very very steep hills y the same coming back. But the path to the waterfall was so beautiful.  There was a old wooden bridge, but the waterfall was kinda small. I enjoyed the waterfall in Comitan a lot better. But it was a fun trip to hang. Well this was a good week. Love you all y thanks for all the love y prayers. GOD BLESS YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Mom. I’m on. Love you.

Of course your picture is great, mom. I thought you hated the fair y you said you won’t give them your pics again because the judges are not fair. haha
Did you send me the Chirstmas card yet? Mom I’m fine. Don’t send me a package. I’m fine but thanks. Love you. Just send your card in the mail with a few bucks. I just feel bad that you’re sending a package when I’m fine. But thanks.

I looked at Nate’s photos. Looks cool there y cold.

I’m doing so so. It is the members. We talked to the president of the mission yesterday y he is thinking of closing the area because the members are not doing their part to help with missionary work.  It make me sad because we work hard.

So how is the family? Wow sounds like they are busy, like always. I’m so happy for Luke winning at the track meet. He is so good. I cant believe that to my littlie buddyis turning 10. Give him my love y tell him good job at the track meet. When he becomes a teen he will be smelly y wont give you hugs, so just enjoy it ha ha. I sure do miss them y I bet nate is missing your hugs too.

Wow very good trying to learn some Spanish, Mom. Just practice.

How are you? Love you. Just have patience, like in DyC 24:8.

How is dad y work?  How was it with the lawyers y is Sister Flores working with him?  That will help Dad out a lot. He y his work are always in my prayers.

I know. I cant believe I go home in 6 months. It is sad I’ve got to leave. I love being a missionary, but I cant wait to see you guys again!  I cant wait. The time is going by so so fast! I know the mission is a one time thing.  Thanks mom. I can feel your love y testimony y prayers from here from all of you

It is so cool that we are spread out over the world. Haha.
Yes, Nate’s apartment looks so small compared to our big house here. Every mission is different but it is all about the mission life, haha.

Like always, I’ve got to go. Is there any thing you want to tell me? I need to leave. Bye, love you. Give everybody my love. Thanks. Caleb, love you.

Thanks mom, for everything y you love. Say hi to everyone y give them my love. Thanks y have a good week! xoxo

a big tractor at a member's home

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