Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alex: Happy to be an Answer to Prayers

Well, what a week! On Friday we were at a member’s house y we were eating chicken, like always. Y then she told us to come in the backyard, so we went back there y she had two girl iguanas y she cut them open y cleaned them out.  

Between them there were 50 eggs. She asked if I wanted to eat some. I said yes, so she boiled them for me, y she gave me salt y lemon. I pinched it open y squeezed it in my mouth. It was good. I ate 3 of them.

 Well on Saturday we have a place were some members y investigators live but can’t go to church because it is too far away. We never went there before. So a member let us use her bikes y we went riding as elders on bikes. We had a great time. I miss riding my bike, ha ha. Well while we were there we visited a less active named Oliva y she said, “My prayers were answered. Someone finally came to visit me.” She can’t walk. She has a tumor on her leg. That made us so happy to visit her y be an answer to her prayers.

Well we taught Rosa and to see if she is ready to get baptized, y yes, she is. It is only that she y Manuel are not married because it is a lot of money, but we are helping them as hard as we can. We taught investigator Martha on plan of happiness y she is still waiting for her answer. We had Rosa, Manuel y Martha there at church yesterday y we had investigator Norma there. She can’t get baptized because she is having problems with her paperwork living here in Mexio because she is from Honduras. So they were all in church yesterday.

Well the stake president came to do a visit with us y the branch y he was pretty upset with our branch president. But we got a phone call saying they decided to not close the area, but have a new presidente instead, because the branch is not growing y the prsidente here is worrying more about his work y about how he can earn more money to pay off his debts.

Well on Saturday we and some members went with some teenagers to go to their house to bring them to church to watch a movie y eat popcorn.  I made no-bake cookies for them y we had horchata. But with no money to pay for it because the president said there is no money, so we did with our personal money y a member that has a lot of debts helped out with the money for the water. There were 25 teenagers there y it was a great activity y everyone enjoyed it, even though we had no help or money from the branch president or from his wife, the RS sister president. But it was great.

 That was my week. Love you all y thanks for the prayers y love. Love you all ADIOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mom.  I’m on. Love you.
On 17 of march I will be out 18 months. I still have 18 days.  But I come home in 6 months. Did you send my card? Thanks mom.

How are you? How is everything going with the foreign exchange student? Y Dad y the family? how are they? That is good to hear all the boys are busy but how are you feeling with everything? President Morris emailed me y asked how I’m doing.

Watch the video. I’m eating iguana eggs! No, they are not raw. The member boiled them in salt water y then I ate them with sal y lemon. It was good. They taste good. Their eggs y turtle eggs are against the law, but people eat them anyway. There were 2 iguanas. One with 20 eggs y the other 30 eggs.

My companion put me down in the rocking chair. haha

Guess what?? they are not going to close the area but they are going to release the branch president. We are so happy!

No, those aren’t our bikes. A member let us use her bikes to visit members y people far away. It was so much fun. I know, we look like real missionaries. Haha. It was a rule not to but we got permission. Hey plan a trip where we can go riding together when I get back. That should be fun. A big ride in the fall sounds great!

What are they working on at the house with the tractors?
What are you planning to do with the space? When are you getting the grass y the fire ring? Little by little, like I always say on my mission. Haha. I know. I can’t wait to see the house.

You can have a special time with Luke when the boys are a General Conference. Mom, I only have 6 months left.  I don’t need anything. I’m fine y happy to be a missionary. A little more money wont be bad. But I’m fine. Love you. Is Luke’s birthday this week?  I’m fine, but my comp wants something small from Disneyland so if you take Luke there for his birthday can you find something? Thanks. I will write Luke a letter next, okay? ‪

Well one thing we drink here everyday is water of every fruit or vegetable you can think of. You first pick a fruit or vegetable y cut it up y fill the blender with it. Then add water y a little sugar y blend it.  That is what we have everyday here. But all we eat here is chicken.

I got to go. Bye love. Say hi to all y you are all in my prayers. Love you. Have a good week. Love all of you! xoxoxo‬
Thanks Mom. You are the best.  I want you to know that. Tell Dad to check his email.  I sent him one. Love you. Say hi to all!
Y have faith in all you do! Love you, bye.

 Love, Alex xoxoxo

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