Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Lot of Stress!

Well yesterday we had 8 investigators in church. We had sister Rosa y her to be husband Manuel y we had an active member bring her older son who is not a member y we had investigator Martha y her husband who we never meet before because he is in the army y then sister Norma who can’t get baptized because her papers are in Houndras y my girlfriend as everybody knows her here, the one who just goes to church because I’m white, Sister Dominga. Y we had a less active bring her stepbrother who named is Marlon. With almost all of them we have another appointment to visit them this week.

Well a lot of them told us they didn’t feel good yesterday in church y the members did also, because the president here got mad at me y then there were kids playing around y there was no reverence. Well, a lot of members don’t want to talk to the president or his wife until he gets released as president. We have about 25 teenagers here in the rama (ward) y only 4 go to church because they don’t have trust in the president y we are trying to do all we can to help, but we cant do it alone. There is no help here at all. Only some members want to help us but even then they get discouraged. We are planning an awesome activity for the rama with no money. Again he won’t give us or the Relief Society money for the activity, only for his wife’s actvities because she is in charge of the girls. It is just a big mess here but we are pressing forward with faith.

Well there was an activity last week where a sister brought 3 new investigators for us but they could not go yesterday. We taught Martha about faith because she has problems y it has been hard to teach her because she is far away y she is busy being a mom. Y we taught Rosa y Manuel about fasting y about the steps to get married here. It was awesome. They all together did a fast yesterday for the marriage y it was there fist time doing it y we did it also. But wow, it was an awesome fast. Y after the lesson my comp told me wow Elder Van, great job. I’m so happy I’m your comp. I learned a lot from you. That was awesome.

Well that was our week working hard y walking a lot in the sun for the work of God. Love you all y thanks for everything.
Love Elder VanBuskirk

Hola Mom. Wow, its raining? I want to be there. It is hot here.

I’m very stressed, but good. Y you? But it is part of the mission.
I’m good it is just hard here but all is good.

The president got mad because a kid who got baptized a few months ago asked if he can bare his testimony on what he read yesterday in the Book of Mormon y I said yes. But because he never did before he got up there y turned to me y said “How do I start?” He said a beautiful testimony, but I was sitting behind him with 3 other kids who wanted to share too,  but the president said the rule of the church is only kids above 12 can bare their testimony y I want to talk to you y your comp afterwards. So the kids felt sad y they went back down.

Hey I bought some things yesterday at the church website y I have a questions. Does it go to the shipping address or the billing address?
Okay that is a problem because I sent it to our other house, sorry. Two hymnals in Spanish y two in English for me y my comp. What should I do?

Hey after I finish my big letter can you send it in a text to grandma Van? Thanks. How is dad at work y the boys?

I saw the new church video the one that comes out next week for Easter.
 Love you mom y thanks for everything you do for me. Have a good week y give all my love.

Thanks I got to go we have things to do y get done but love you tonight from a member i will download a video for luke i dont have time thanks love you
thanks mom bye love you. You are the best. Tell Luke happy b day! xoxox y look on what you can do about the package bye love you.
Thanks. Give all my love y wish luke a happy birthday
Thanks mom.Bye love you adiossss xoxoxo Give everybody my love.

Hi mom the video is downloading in dropbox in he folder named  ´´happy B-day Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨. Thanks mom love you say happy birthday to Luke y give everybody my love y prayers thanks mom. Love you so! xoxoxo

p.s. have fun in Disneyland tomorrow. ha ha

Y my comp sends a lot of love to all of you y says hi.

Love Alex

a school where there is a locked front gate but not fence around it, haha

the sunrise

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