Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter is the Best Holiday

Well, what a week. My companion is named Elder Lainez. He is from Honduras y he has one year in the mission. He is great y we are working so hard together. Well, I am leader of the district of sisters y Elders y they are opening a area. Well it was my first district meeting and I was so nervous. But it went great y afterwards they said they can feel my love y they are happy I’m their leader. Y I also baked them cookies.

So yesterday, just like the week before, we had no investigators in church. We worked so hard visiting them with members y just us also. But they didn’t go to church. It was sad, but we are still here working hard. Well we visited inv. Martha y she wants to get baptized on May 10 on Mother’s Day. So we are going to visit her tonight and talk about the plan of happiness. We also visited inv. Manuel y Rosa, and Brother Walter came. He shared his testimony about how he used to drink y the power y blessing the gospel gives us. It was an awesome lesson. The spirit was so strong. Well Rosa lost her papers y has a appointment to get new ones on 23 of April so we are still going to visit to help them out.

Well we want to work on this week finding new people to teach. It is hard here, but we are going to work hard with pray y love to find new people so please pray for us. Thanks.

Well we went very far y we went to a ranch where there was goats y mangos. We are eating a lot of them because it is mango season. There was even a crocodile there. It was small but it was fun. We went with Sister Karina.

So that was my week y of course like my family tradition, I woke up early on Easter morning y saw the sunset y I sang some songs y I read some scriptures. When I was done I felt the spirit so strong y the love of Chirst. Well, I know that Easter is the best holiday y Happy Easter to all of you. Love you so y thanks for all the prayers y love. ADIOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder VanBuskirk

Hi mom. I got news...............
My mission ends on Steptember 5. When does school start? y when is the exchange student coming?
Well I finish on the 5th, but we go home on the 8th, okay because the MTC had to add another week, so we all have another week in the mission. So make plans. How are you?
The templo is on the 7th if you want to do a session with all of us. You can come anytime from the 5th to the 8th you can even come early y you guys can pick me up in my last area. But from
5 to 7 we are going to Tuxtla for interviews y to visit our areas y then we go to the templo on the 7th. You can come when you want. Call Elder Murdock he is from Utah he works down there.

Well it is good. A little stressful here. My comp is from Honduras y we are working together great.  He wants to work with me.  We have no problems. His dad died a few years ago y he has 3 bros y one sister. I love him y he is great. Yes I know. I hope we are together for two transfers.  He loves me y I love him.

Are go going to the beach? Are you drving? Wow, say hi to everyone for me. I want to go to the beach too. Where are you guys right now?

How is dad y the boys?
Did you ever got my package from the church? When you send it put in some 1 dollar bills.

How was your Easter? I wish I was there. I miss you so. Can’t wait to see you guys soon.

The boys are going to Utah? know you are going to see Francisco. Have fun.
Thanks mom, y you are always in my prayers.I need to go soon is there anything you want to say?

No, I don’t need anything. I’m fine. Surprise me. I only have 5 months so I’m fine. There are things I need but I only have 5 months, so I’m fine. Well if you want it will be nice for another short sleeve size 17 shirt.

Well I’ve got to go. Have a good week y give all the boys my love y prayers y to dad also. Thanks.

Love you, xoxoxoxo

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