Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, March 14, 2016

In the Hot Heat of Mexico

Well, on Tuesday we walked an hour walking in the hot heat of Mexico. 

It is like walking in a oven, but we go there y visit some less actives because the church is too far for them y it is a lot of money for them. But we visit with 3 families y we sang y we talked. Then we taught an investigator named Karuna who will get baptized tomorrow. 

Her kids are members, she wanted to get baptized but was having a lot of problems with her husband but he finally left her y she is ready to take the step y get baptized. We are so happy for her.

But on the way back we heard of a path that goes right buy the train track that is a lot prettier y a lot faster. 

On the way we saw a train car left there back when there was the hurricane about 5 years ago. So being elders we went y took pics on it y on top of it. It was awesome.

Well we visited investigator Rosa y she said she will go to Guatamala to get her birth certificate y her husband Manuel stopped drinking y is working hard to get married.  Then they can  get baptized we are so happy for them. 

Well, on Friday I got sent to the doctor because I had bronchitis.  I was there for 3 days but I’m a lot better. I wasn’t there yesterday at church but my comp said we had 5 investigators. Y we have a lot of appointments with them. Well that was my week. Love you all y thanks for everything. ADIOSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder VanBuskirk

Hi mom. I’m looking at the pics. In the pic with Luke at Disney Dad looks so different, like he has a lot of stress. Yes, a lot of things happened this week.

I got sick for 3 days with bronchitis. I’m fine now. I took out 50 dollars for the medicine, but the church will give me the money back. So tell dad okay? At night I couldn’t go to sleep for a week. So on Friday I stayed in Tapachla y I stayed with the zone leader who is my old comp Elder Laural. 

I feel a lot better. It was weird for a week. I was coughing my head off y eating very little also, but the doctor gave me medicine.  Now I’m eating more y I can go to sleep. I feel a lot better.

My comp broke his bed because the doctor told me to tell him not to eat junk food because he was overweight, but I told him no y he bought some y then he sat down y his bed broke.

The train was used to hold bleach but there was a hurricane about 5 years ago, so they left it there.

Hey did Luke like his birthday video we sent him?
How is everybody?
I dont know when we change to daylight savings.  What time is it now there? It is 2 here.

Well about 3 to 4 times a week I have diarrhea, but it is part of the mission life. Love you.

Her named is Karina y she will get baptized tomorrow.  Her son is Antonio y her daughter is Andrea. The kids are members.

Hey I heard grandpa is doing a lot better with his knees.

Looks like you guys were getting packages ready for us right?

How are you? hey what happened about my package from the church?

Okay thanks. It is good that all is good there.

I don’t know what happened at church. I was not there, but the the guy over seminary came y got mad at the president because he was not doing seminary.  We had 5 investigators in church yesterday.

Hey, Mom, remember dad said he can help me pay for some of the money to get investigators married? Well I sent an email to dad y he didn’t say anything back. I know he has a lot of stress y things on his plate. To get married is 100 dollars, but they are asking if I can help with only 50. They are really working hard on it. So what do you think? No, it isn’t against the rules. You just can’t pay for all of it because they need to show that they want to get married. It is about their faith. They keep saying thank you for helping to pay. Manuel works out in the field everyday but we need the money as soon as possible. Thanks Mom for everything.  They are just so happy. They are great people‬.

‪That is a great idea to send it to Franky‬. Yes that is how you can be a missionary. Thanks mom, but you are the second best example of love. Christ first y then you. I really love you.

Please talk to dad about the money y send it as soon as you can.  I know God will give you a lot of blessings for what you are doing. Is there any thing else you want to tell me before I leave?

Hey can you send a text to Sister Ljunkle y say thanks for the Christmas card. Thanks.

I’ve got to go. Talk to dad about the money y look into my package. Say hi to everyone y give them my love y prayers. Thank you mom for everything. You are the best. Love you xoxoxo Thanks mom. The same to you. Love you. xoxo

Fixed it! 


At the top of the heaven panel, from where a character with a headdress of bird wings on the head can be seen.  At the bottom there is a tree with fruit on a deity, which shows his head, right hand, arm, and left hand  on the sides you can see two characters "waiting" or "receiving"the defending deity.

 At the bottom is a ground panel on a water panel, the heaven panel atop two stylized jaws stylized masks of dieties limiting the scene on the sides.  A tree bearing fruit in center, dividing the image: the right side down, three people sitting, the middle one is an important character richly attired and above them, two anthropomorphic figures walking.  On the left side down, three people sitting and above them, standing three characters and two fish.

Doing Dishes

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