Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference, My Mission, and Life

Well, what a great weekend listening to the words of the Lord by the mouths of the prophets. I hope you all watched it y afterwards meditated on the things you heard y write what comes to you. I know the words spoken can help each one of us with problems that we have in life. So please watch or listen to it again so you will be able to feel the love God has for each one of us. That is my invitation for all of you this week.

The Center of Tapachula

 Well on Wednesday we were heading off to Tapacula for an meeting because our area is an hour away y on the way the immigration stopped us y asked for our green cards.  Because my companion’s card was about to expire, the mission office had taken it away to have it processed to get a new one y he only had a copy so they took him away from me from 8am to 4pm that day. So I went to Tapachula with the zone leaders y then they let my comp out.  So that was the crazy story this week.

Well we taught investigator Martha lesson 1 y we sang to her she wants to get babtized on May 10, but because she is a mom with 5 kids she is always busy, so she didn’t go to church. We also visted a new person named Star. She is a friend of a member y we sang y taught lesson 1. She wants to go to church but her mom says no. We also taught Manuel y Rosa. We talked about conference y prophets.

Our ward mission leader’s birthday was on Friday y so I bought him a chocolate cake in a cup with a cherry on top. He was so happy he was just keep on saying thank you y how much he loved us. Now he is 80 years old. I sure do love that old guy, who always sleeps in church ja ja.

Okay, so did you do everything you wanted with Franky and his family on your trip? I’m glad. I was praying for you y for the spirit to guide your words. 

So what are your plans this week?  My plans is we are heading to a town 4 hours away and go to a meeting for the zone leaders y district leaders only y keep working in the work of the Lord like I do.

‪My comp is great. We work hard together y we both have love.  Being leader is fun – to be able to help them progress as missionaries. It is awesome.‬

Wow. Japan and Indonesia! I thought the Smith twins were the same age as the twins. I’m so happy for them. How awesome. Can’t wait to see where Derek y Dylan go. But first Derek needs to cut his hair. He looks so weird y they both need to get their Eagle. Are they just waiting until I go home to do it in 5 months?
What is it they need to start planning? 

I will be home about 5 months. 5th of September.  It will be awsome to see you guys!

Hey mom, I need to go. Love you y give everyone my love. xoxo okay, thanks Mom. Love you. so bye xoxo

Well, conference was awesome y the spirit was so strong.  It helped me a lot with my mission y life. Well love you all. Have a good week. All of you are in my prayers y love each one of you. ADIOSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder VanBuskirk

I invite you all to watch conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mom. Yes, it was just us y 5 members that came to watch conference.  The president didn’t want to open the church, so we did. It was great! We don’t know when they are getting a new branch president, but we hope soon. You need to watch it. A lot was about families y marriage. It was so awesome y 4 new temples!

 Hey Elder Murdock called y said you never called him y my package is not here yet ether. Hey did you send out the other package yet? It will be nice to get a new short sleve shirt 17 y just your love.

So how are the boys back in school? y dad? So all is good there at home there is no problems in the ward or the family?

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