Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

El Templo

Well this week was awesome because I was able to finish my Skype with my family on Tuesday when they celebrate Mother’s day here in Mexico. It was my last Skype before I go home in 4 months. It was great to talk to them y see them. It made me feel love y peace that all is good with them when I’m so far away.

Well yesterday the president of the district came y he showed the branch the numbers of members who were there the years before y it was high, but now it is very low. So his plan is to work on the members doing family history y going to the templo more y they want our help. The branch is going to the templo on 11 of June y our goal is for every member who goes to bring a nombre. So we think the president is helping the members to take the next step.

Well, we had no investigators in church again we have been teaching them with members but they still won’t go the church we are going to work very hard with the members y get their trust to help us. 

Temple or bust!

On Saturday we left for the templo at 3am y got here before 7. I got my own 16 names for the templo. I baptized y confirmed 5 of them y I did 3 sealings y 5 sealings of kids to parents, so that was fun to do it for my own family. I felt so good afterwards.

We are trying to work hard for our investigators to go to church so please pray for that. Love you. Love all of you.

Hi mom.
Te amo también mama. Como esta usted hoy?

Muy bien. Esta muy bien porque martes yo veo usteds
Oh gracias como fue con dylan el gano?
Okay so he didn’t win but he tried his hardest.
So how is the family?

So are you ready for Saturday’s Corn Bust?  I won’t be at the corn bust so, save me some corn.

Wow, that is awesome that Franky called. I’m happy you talked to Franky y he is opening up to you. I bet you were so happy.

How is dad y the work? So what is new?
Y I’m glad Nate is doing better about loving his comp
Yes I’m glad all is good. Love you so.

I went to the temple. We left at 3 in the morning y then went there at 6.30 y then I did baptisms y a session y 7 sealing of names I found. It was fun.
It is 3 hours or away. You need to go when you come here. It is great. When you come to Mexico you can do it without the headphones. You should. It will be great. Just kidding. You can use the headphones in English.

I’ve got to go. Bye. Love you. Give all my love y prayers. Love you. Adios.
bye xoxo 

Getting creative with his camera

More creative editing

Working hard serving someone
Another cool underwater shot.

I don't know what he included this picture,
but I'm sure there was a story behind it! Yikes!

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