Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gross and Bloody

Well, this week we are still working hard after not having investigators in church y progressing y our numbers are low. But we are not giving up hope. We are working our hardest y God knows that. While I write this there was about a 4 point earthquake, but we are all good. There are a lot here.

Well the good news is the rainy season is here. It rains a little during the day y it pours with lightning y very loud, house-shaking thunder sometimes. But the rain brings heat, not cold, so we are still pretty hot here.

Well we had a conference on Tuesday with President George where we talked about dropping investigators who are not going to church, so we can find new people to teach. Well, we visited investigator Adella.  She is very good and reads the Book of Mormon y prays, but won’t go to church. So my companion shared a scripture about enduring to the end y then I opened my mouth y the spirit filled it with words to say to drop her in a loving, kind way, y afterwards she said that is true y thanks for all the visits. By the end of the lesson we were all about to cry. The spirit was so strong. I love those types of missionary lessons. Now we are going to work hard y do a fast to find new people.

Well, I went with the leaders on splits y the leader with Canales made a date with Angel to get baptized y he said he will ask his mom for permission. But we went to his house before church y he never asked his mom y he says he is busy so we are dropping him y looking for more.  Well, Angel’s brother Antonio is very good. He reads the pamphlets we give to him y he feels good when we teach him, but his problem is that he works on Sunday, so please pray for him.

We are working with the leaders of the branch to visit less actives y our investigators this week. That will help a lot. 

Well, on Saturday we went to Zapata where we planned to put up a fence but when we got there they were in the middle of killing a cow so we helped y then after we ate the meat. It was so good.

Well that is our week working hard with the less actives y finding new people to teach. Thanks for all your prayers y love.

Love Alex o Elder VanBuskirk

Hi mom.  I’m on.
Hey, can you send Dylan’s video again? I don’t have the link.
Okay, so did you look into my packages?
Wow, you will be here in Tuxtla on Sept. 5 at the hotel y I will be in the office, but very close.  You might be able to see me on Monday night before you go to the hotel because I can get permission to leave my area on Monday y be there at night to see you. I will get permission from the president because he loves me y maybe we can go out to eat. Yes it does pay to have the president love me.

So how is the family?  The posters look great. Hey so matthew is coming home tomorrow. His homecoming is Sunday.

My spanish is greengo Spanish, ha ha.

‪Tell Shabelly i say hi y welcome home. What restaurant are you at?‬ How is Shabelly doing?  How are you doing? Say hi to grandma y give her my love. Hey wait to look at my pics until after you eat because they are gross y bloody this week. We slaughtered a cow. Yes, we ate it. Carne asada. Que rico.
So what are you eating now?

Have a good week. Love you. Okay thanks Mom, I will give everybody my love y prayers. Have a good week. Love you so!

Catching a ride in the back of a truck.
His dad did that ALL the time hitchhiking as a missionary in Mexico!
That is how they used to get everywhere.

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