Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Alex: A Great Birthday or I Love Being an Elder!!!!!!!

Well on monday night we helped some members put up the christmas lights y then they bought us pizza. That was fun. With investigator Gaby we read 3 Nephi 11:16-41 y she really liked it. We showed her the new church videos for Chirstmas. the problem is with her she is a nurse y she needs to work on Sunday. But the good thing is she knows it is true y she invited us over for a birthday dinner for me this Wednesday.
With investigator Ivan, he got called into work so no church y we also taught him about Christ y the new videos.

Well on Tuesday we ate with a member y then they sang happy birthday to me y gave me a little cupcake with a candle.  Then we broke open the little piƱata you sent me. The members loved that little thing. Thanks family.

Then on Wednesday we had our Christmas party with the whole zone y with presidente. It was fun. We did a Christmas devotional where we sang a song y then we read a scripture. It was a great meeting. There was a talent show. I just made cookies for everybody y then the president talked on how we are examples for everybody else, y I did a 10 minute class on virtue. Everybody said they learned something from me so that made me happy. Y everybody loved my cookies y some of them even ask for recipes.

Well I woke up on my birthday with Elder Runyan brining me french toast in bed y then a whole bunch of members called me y sent me texts y then some of them invited us over for food. It was a great birthday. Everybody here was so nice.  I like being a missionary.

 Hermana Lilliana y her husband Thomas sang to me y gave me a cake. 

 Even yesterday the member we ate with told me to close my eyes y they brought out a small cake. So yea, I had a great birthday. So that was my week. It was a great birthday y a great meeting filled with the spirit for Christmas. I just love being an Elder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder VanBuskirk

Y thanks all for my BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Mom. Love you. How are you? How are the boys y dad? Love you.

Did you get a real chirstmas tree? How big is going to be are tree this year?  When is the ornament party? I’m glad you are decorating the house. Everybody here is y I cant wait to see your christmas card. Love you.

Tell Uncle Jeff I love him y miss him. Good thing he didn’t send me 50 dollars in the mail like last year. I never saw it!

Hey the 17th is the Star Wars movie, right? That is also the date when I will have 15 months in the mission.

I bet everyoine is looking forward to it. I cant wait to see all the new movies I’m missing.  I cant wait to go to the new theater with Brother Stevens when I go home. You guys should buy me some tickets at Costco. haha It is a date.  Love you.

Wow. Tell Sis. Broadhead thanks. I hope it gets here. I still didn’t get grandma’s package yet. Well it is fine. I’ll just get it when it comes. Hey, if it is not too late, can you put some black socks in there? Some have holes. Thanks. Love you.

Thanks mom.  I got to go, but I love all the blessing God is giving you y me y I know he is helping you out.

Grandpa Devine wrote me y wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That was nice. Y Ramiro got your letter and said thanks. He says he misses you y he loves you. Tell Jeff I sent him a email for the money.

Bye Mom. Have a great week getting ready for Christmas. Bye. Love you. Say hi to everyone y tell them I’m always praying for them. Thanks love xoxoxo  I know I’m 20, but I’m still your baby boy. Love you mom y thanks for everything you do for me. I know all you guys will be blessed. Love you. Adios!

Hey i was about to leave but i wanted to send Nate a dear elder. What is his unit number? fast I’ve got to go. Thanks. I got to go. I sent one to him. Bye. Love you.

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