Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Nathan: I've Been Changed for the Good

Hey Everybody. How is it all going? So this marks three weeks being here in the Missionary Training Center here in Provo, Utah. I’m starting to really enjoy my time here. They released me as district leader so that was great.  Now I can just focus on my investigators, my companion, and my own spiritual needs. I am grateful for the opportunity though, to be able to serve my other elders in my district so I thank the Lord for that. 

So this last week has been quite strange. The beginning of this week I was annoyed with my companion over something really lame and I had no right to be.  However that night we were going to have a discussion with one of our investigators, about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we went in there without the spirit being there to lead us and to guide us all because i was annoyed by my companion for no reason. I realized that our investigator knew that something was wrong. So after the discussion I confessed to my companion why the spirit wasn't there and why we did a horrible job in there. That same day our teacher Sister Hyde asked this question to our district, "Do you feel like your TWO YEAR mission started when you got here or are you waiting until the field? If not, then do something about that." And I was thinking exactly that. So I changed myself around after that point. I talked with my branch president about his issue and he talked with me with all his heart and the spirit spoke to me. I wanted to cry. So I’ve been changed since then for the good!! My companion does not annoy me anymore even though he is exactly the same, haha. Also we taught our investigator "Taras" again a couple days later and when we taught the spirit was so strong in there that all three of us, my companion, Taras, and my self were about to tear up a bit. Afterwords he thanked us for whatever we changed from the previous time because he felt the difference. And to remind you that every discussion here is completely in Russian, so that testifies to me that the language of the spirit is much stronger then what you actually say, because my Russian is just terrible haha. 

This week was quite sad for multiple reasons: one being that my entire branch of fifty elders and sisters left to their missions in Ukraine and Russia. I am extremely happy for them because they are finally out their doing the Lord’s work!!!! But those elders became really good role models to me and I’m going to miss them.  However I will see a few of them in Ukraine, so that’s exciting! But I wanted to let them know that I love them and that I hope they got there safety.  Another sad thing was that our female investigator "Lena" was doing fantastic in our discussions; she was accepting the lesson and were feeling the spirit. But sadly, this last discussion we invited her to be baptized and she said that she was already as an infant in the catholic church and didn't see the need to be baptized again as an adult. I was devastated because I didn’t know what to say in Russian, so all I could say that "our Heavenly father loves us no matter what" then we said a prayer and left. It was hard but we have another meeting tomorrow so hopefully it will get better. 

Everybody thanks for all your prayers, emails, and packages.I really love them and cherish them. I’m not home sick yet, so that’s great as well, however I am starting to miss real Mexican food. Well, I love you all and I pray for each one of you every night. I would like to leave you all with a scripture: Mathew 11:28-30. Please read it and tell me what it means to you. It hit me hard and has changed me. So see you all in two years. 
With love 
Elder Nathan VanBuskirk 

‪Also if you can send me dear elders at DEARELDER.COM and thanks to all of you who wrote me !!!!‬  (Nate’s info for Unit 71, Departure date JAN20, Mission code UKR-DNE.  It's free and easy and they print it off and put it in his box everyday.  If you ask questions he can respond via email on Wed.) 

Hey Mom! LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!
I’m loving the MTC now. I had a rough time in the beginning, but I really turned my self around!
That’s okay about the suit. At least I get another tie!!!!!!!!!yes!

Well, my language still stinks but I’m able to read mostly anything now!

Did you see the Christmas broadcast and Uchtdorf’s talk? My comp was telling me about the Carol of the Bells being a Ukrainian folk song like last week!!!! I was stoked and the broadcast was fantastic!!!  That’s pretty cool!!!!!!

Hey mom thanks for the packages: the Christmas one and the Star Wars one. It is super awesome!!!!!!  I got Sis. Broadhead’s too. It was fantastic!!!!! I love that everyone was jealous that I got a package from the young woman, hahaha. but they don’t know that they are like all twelve haha. Yeah it is awesome.  The tree is hanging up in my dorm. I haven’t taken a picture yet. Don’t worry, I will, haha. Also everyone thinks your the best due to the Star Wars package. Eveyone loves you haha. Soooo cool!!!! Tell Franky I want to see him in his Yoda ears!

All my branch left so I’m sad. Now there are only 15 of us instead of 50. But six of them are going to Dneper, so I'll defiantly see them.

Hey mom could you send me Adam Cruz's mailing information? I want to write him. And if you could find my cousin Chris’ info too. Thanks. Also could send so good duct tape, because the one I got stinks? haha 

Got to go Mom. Love you so much! Thanks for all that you do. Say hi to everyone and that I love them send the info in dear elder. Love. Bye. 


  1. Hi Nathan. So glad you are doing well.Adam will be home for 2 weeks so you can write to his home. 7486 Church St. Y.V. Calif 93384.Ill send you' This once I get home.Love and miss lots.

  2. Adam is moving ill give you his address when we find out where he will be at. When i get home i will send you Chris's address when i get home.