Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Monday, December 14, 2015

Alex: I Love Having the Spirit!

Well what a week. Well first off, on Monday my companion was listening to Christmas music y then the Holy Ghost told me we need  to visit investigator Gaby who we were planning to baptize on Saturday. So I went to another room where it was less noisy y I asked God again y he said yes visit Gaby. When I finished, Elder Runyan asked who should we visit?  Y I said the spirit told me two times we need to visit investigator Gaby y he said sounds great. The lesson was full of the spirit. First she had a lot of questions about what she heard in church. Then we said, “Are you ready to get baptized on Saturday the 12th like what you said you will?” Y she said, “no, I don’t know everything.” We talk about how you don’t need to know everything to get baptized. Then I asked a question from the spirit. I said, “did you pray to see if God wants you to be baptized on the 12th?” Y she said no.  So I invited her to do it that night.  After my companion liked how I worked y listened to the spirit y we both said that was the    push she needed to get baptized.  Well she prayed y got her answer so we visited her on Wednesday to get her ready for her interview for Thursday. Well she passed her interview y on Saturday we baptized her, but she didn’t receive the Holy Ghost because there was no church on Sunday because it was the dedication of the Tijuana Temple. Well she said in her prayer, thanks after one year you send these two elders to come y make me feel I’m ready to get baptized. The baptism was so sweet y the spirit was strong y she was happy to get baptized. 

On Friday we had the ward Christmas party. We, the missionaries, sang Joy to the World y my companion played the guitar. Then the kids sang some beautiful y funny Christmas songs. It was just wonderful.

All week my companion will get to a lesson y turn to me says  “what does the  spirit tell you what we need to read or teach?” y then during the lesson the spirit was very strong. I love having the spirit like that. 

 The yellow card is from the dedication of the Tijuana Templo -now it is the 149th templo in the world.
 Well on Sunday was the Tijuana Temple dedication. It was great!  Dieter F. Uchtdorf was there y so was Dallin H. Oaks. It was great y the spirit was very strong y the  quotes from the speakers were awesome!  Like Dieter said the temple is a lighthouse in our lives.

Oh, on friday we had a zone meeting where we learned about teaching better y the the zone leaders told us we have a cake for Elder Van’s birthday y it was a Spiderman cake. So everybody sang happy birthday y then they pushed my face in the corner of the cake. It was great. Just loving being an Elder in this Christmas time. Love you all y thanks for all the prayers y gifts for me y my family. GOD BLESS YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder VanBuskirk

Hello mom! It was great week full of the spirit. Hey I’m going to my next area today. Hey do you have pics of the house all decorated. Thanks. Love you. Okay? I want some of the lights at night too. Thanks for the photos of the house. It’s looks very beautiful. Hey, do you have a stocking for me? How was your ornament party? How is your Christmas card coming this year?  How are you feeling about things?

grandma’s package y your package 
‪Wow, thanks for the package. No I didn’t get it yet. I barley got grandma’s a few days ago y it got here in a month. But you know what was weird? There was no card from Grandma.  She always gives cards. Funny Grandma, haha. Hey, Grandma sent a new shirt, but it is too big. It was 18 y I wear 17. So what should I do?
Well ask grandma about the shirt because she paid 36 dollars for it y about the card. Thanks.

Aaron finishes his mission on Friday. Wow time does fly. Did you see the pics from Shabelly? Love you.‬

 So do you want to know where my new area is? Well yesterday they told me I was changing to Osconinglo, or something like that, y my companion is going to be a trainer. Just kidding. Well they told me yesterday I was going y then this morning at 8 they said I was staying because they had to do special changes. So I’m staying for a few more weeks, because the transfers were supposed to be Christmas, but that’s not good, so the transfer will be 7 weeks, not 6.

‪Okay yes. The temple dedication broadcast was wonderful. President Uchdorf was there y Dallin H Oaks. They did the cornerstone y a lot of awesome talks. We watched the two first sessions, not the last one. There was no church for any one in Mexico on Sunday‬. This was my 3rd temple dedication on my mission. It is my second one in Mexico y one in MTC for the Ogden Temple.

Thanks mom. I got to go. I will do Face Time because it will be easier y I will do it on the 25th!  You can do it on a Mac. Work on it this week so you will be ready when I call! Love you y thanks for everything y give all my love y faith y hope! Bye. Love you!
Okay, bye. Love you.

I was leaving, but I want you to tell Dad sorry for taking alot of money out, but I’m going to take out a little more to make cookies for people in the ward y investigators for Chirstmas. Thanks mom. I will make you cookies in a year! Love you so. xoxo

A Christmas tree on a hill 

the fruit is cates fruit 

Our Meetinghouse in Las Lomas

Bye. Love you. xoxo

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