Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the Lord, and they shall fish them;
and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain,
and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks. Jeremiah 16:16

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Alex: Missionaries Just Feel the Christmas Love and Spirit More

Well on Monday, because I didn’t leave get transferred, we did a family home evening at Sister Lilly y her husband, Thomas’s house y I taught them how to bake no-bake cookies. Well yesterday I spent a few hours making over 130 no-bake cookies for investigators y members for Christmas, so I will be giving them out to people this whole week. Because being a missionary, you just feel the Christmas love y spirit more, so these are our gifts for people here in are area the Lomas.

Well on Wednesday, Elder Nelson from the 12 called the president of our mission y told us to talk y contact everybody about A Savior is Born, so all week long we contacted everybody in the streets about it y all the members. It was great. So many people love it.

Well on Thursday we had a 6.6 earthquake, but it was kinda far away, so only like a 4.5 for us here. But still it was pretty scary. We were on the 3rd floor y we heard a sound then the whole thing started to shake. We are fine y when it was done we ran outside as fast as we could, but all was fine.

Well we had an ex-missionary come with us a couple days with our investigators. Well, investigator Ivan we taught about a budget so he can save money so he can be baptized. Well this week we worked hard teaching A Savior was Born, but none of our investigators went to church. So this week we are going to work very hard with the Chirstmas spirit y find new ones who want to go to church, because president wants us to baptize 2 in December y 2 in January, so we are going to work very hard on it.

I can’t wait to talk to my family on the 25th. Y thanks everybody for the gifts y love you give me y my family- God bless you in this time of Christmas. Y have a great Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hola Mom. You look so happy. Merry Christmas!
Hi Mom. I’m on. Hey, do you want to call me on the 25th at 4,5.or 6? So use Facetime. You can buy the app on the Mac. I’m calling you okay? Love you. So who are you inviting over on the 25th when I call?  So it will be 6 for you and 8 here for me. It will be 40 min y be ready for me to cry, because every elder cries when they talk to there family. I’m not homesick, okay?

So how was Star Wars? y did you buy my Mickey shirt at Disneyland? Love you.

I never got the Christmas package, but we have a meeting on 25th with President in the morning so I will probably be getting it then.

Hey sorry about grandma. Tell Grandma Wilber I sent a couple emails to her but she told me in a letter she doesn’t know how to do anything with the computer, so that is why I stopped.

that is great keep sharing the #ASaviorIsBorn stuff with everyone. it up love you
I love you so. I’m glad you enjoyed Star Wars.

Did you hear about the earthquake here it was 4.5.  Well, it started about 2 hours away y where it started it was a 6.6. It did some damage, but when it hit us it was only 4.5. But all is fine.

I’ve got to go. Do you have any more questions?

So yes, I will call your number at 6 there, okay? Hey wish all a Happy Christmas y tell Dad I’ve been trying to write him y that I love him. Thanks for everything y tell the boys I love them.

I’ve got to go. Say hi to all y give them my love. Bye.  Love you y Merry Christmas! Okay. Bye. Talk to you on the 25th at 6!  Love you! Love you. Adios.  Merry Christmas! Have a great day. xoxoxo

The candies were from a member named Arcides, but they got us sick.

My comp makes the wire men when his comps leave y he thought I would leave.  It is a chef with a spatula.

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